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Harlingen and the history of the lighthouse

viernes, marzo 11th, 2011

Harlingen and the history of the lighthouse

Here at this point in the Netherlands, people always love to hear and tell their story. Each of us have actually always, and very special. In Harlingen, a charming fishing village on the north coast of Holland. Well this place is the target which we will discuss today.

The Netherlands

Photography by cocoinzenl


In Harlingen, a picturesque corner of the northern lands Dutch with about 16,000 inhabitants, is also known for its salt refining industry, brought from a few centuries ago (about mid-seventeenth century), the distant land of Spain and Portugal. (más…)

Simatai Great Wall

viernes, febrero 18th, 2011

In Gubeikou, a strategic step in the Miyun area, in northwest Beijing is the section of the Simatai Great Wall. Simatai is the most famous passage of the Great Wall and as the Chinese themselves is because of its five characteristics: Simatai is precipitated, dense, witty, unique and comprehensive.

Simatai Great Wall

Fotografía por gds

Simatai is the only section of the Great Wall that preserves the original appearance when it was built during the Ming Dynasty. The construction was supervised directly by Simatai Juguag Qi, a famous general during the period Wanli of the Ming Dynasty. (más…)

Tourism in Valencia

jueves, febrero 18th, 2010

Tourism in Valencia

The two millennia city of Valencia in Spain, is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, the center of the gulf that bears his name. Valencia is the third most populous city in Spain. Its historic core is concentrated around the Cathedral, between the Plaza de Almoina and numerous streets. Tourist attractions that we will detail below, well then get ready for this virtual trip there we go … (más…)

Tourism in the Lombardy region: sun or cold?

sábado, febrero 13th, 2010

FORTE DI BARD VALLE D'AOSTA por francesco_43.

Let us be on time and on the map. Lombardy is an Italian place located north of the country. And it’s one of the six areas that build the Italian Alps. The other five members are: Valle d’Aosta, Piedmont, Trentino. Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Of these sites, the ground is holding Lombard better odds of snow and skiers get more tourists each season.

Lombardy tracks also occupy large spaces in the lists that are made to reward the best land sliding. Is that Lombardy is a motif that highlights the geography of the rest. It is divided into three zones: a mountaintop to the north, a hilly area in the center, and a flat area to the south. This means that the region is a gradient of relief. (más…)

Traveling in Osaka – Japan

lunes, octubre 12th, 2009

Osaka por clasch.

Osaka, the third largest city in Japan, is one of its most famous cities, although not especially noted for anything in particular. Culturally always been overshadowed by Kyoto, which is really close, and as a city is much more refined.  However, Osaka’s nightlife has a fervent, almost comparable to that of Tokyo, albeit on a smaller scale. Osaka is a city of rabid modern living for the future and that’s exactly what we will find there. (más…)

Nightlife in Beijing

viernes, septiembre 4th, 2009

One Night In Beijing 1 por biggei.

Beijing gradually opens to the mixture and the trend of globalization, challenging spontaneously pressure tight Chinese political system that seems increasingly tired … communications; music and fashion are getting what arms or ideologies itself failed. (más…)

Cabo Polonio, where the stress does not exist!

jueves, julio 30th, 2009

Deserted beaches, magical sunsets, the melody of the sea and the peace that occurs far from civilization. All this and more are in Cabo Polonio, one of the few places on the coast of Rocha, the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, where it’s no running water, electricity or telephone. Rustic ranches, warehouses simple colonies of sea lions, an old lighthouse and curious tourists is what makes Cape Polonio the perfect place to shake off the stress caused by city. (más…)

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