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Route from Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo

viernes, octubre 21st, 2011

Paradise in the South Caribbean (Costa Rica)

My trip in particular is in this world as a paradise strip about 15 miles long, ranging from Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo, South Caribbean in Costa Rica. It is immersed in global paradise that is Costa Rica. This is a beautiful place, paradise, very close to heaven, but highly of the earth. It is a place, I would say sensible, beautiful, harmonious, female, with a sublime energy and with colors, smells and tastes that make you feel the senses. I am referring to a very specific area, located in Costa Rica, in the southern Caribbean, which runs from the town of Puerto Viejo to the National Wildlife Refuge Gandoca-Manzanillo.

Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo

Photography by Alvaretz

Scenery around Puerto Viejo to the south of Costa Rica: There are 15 kilometers, 15 kilometers, linking the towns of Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo, which make a journey of dreams, like an unattainable utopia. There are 15 miles that run in a nondescript, with the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Sierra de Talamanca with its tropical forest on the other. (más…)

Walking through Havana

lunes, octubre 11th, 2010

Havana, the capital of Cuba is a lovely city, not so much neglected streets, their cars from the fifties, and for its beaches, but for its inhabitants, with its displays of warmth and happiness makes your stay in Havana a fun adventure.

Walking through Havana

Photography by neiljs

The city, a legacy of pirates and galleons, of revolutionaries, illustrated, Santeria, adventurers, dreamers, merchants, slaves, conquerors of players and gold and rum, was founded according to legend in 1519. The myth says that the Spanish conquerors chose a small natural harbor and under a ceiba old celebrated the first mass and the new settlement was called San Cristobal de la Habana. (más…)

Dominican Republic Tours

martes, julio 6th, 2010

Today we will have a virtual tour of the Dominican Republic to learn more about the delights offered here. This destination is synonymous with beaches but there is more, so follow us to explore the charms that this Caribbean island has to offer.

Dominican Republic Tours

Photography by Ed Yourdon

Well start with Punta Cana, is the area that appears full of chain hotels and luxury high attractive to all sorts of people, from children to adults. A much sought after family destination is the Manati Park, a place where you can see Caribbean marine life without the simplest form in the vicinity of this theme park you will see both dolphins, colorful fish and manatees those that give area its name. (más…)

Paradise in the Atlantic in the Corn Islands

domingo, junio 20th, 2010

Corn Islands Also known as Corn Islands are two islands in the Atlantic Ocean 70 kilometers far from the coast of Nicaragua, with the surface of both of 12 km2. The largest is known as Isla Grande del Maiz and the other as the «Little Corn Island.

North Coast of Little Corn

Photography by H Dragon

Did you know that these islands are mentioned in chronicles in 1504, since the time of Christopher Columbus? It is noteworthy that these islands and the eastern half of Nicaragua, were under the flag of the United Kingdom between 1655-1894. Years later, the United States took command and according to the Bryan-Chamorro Treaty of them back after 99 years under the premise of American law but Nicaraguan sovereignty. (más…)

Jamaica: Travel Tips

domingo, mayo 9th, 2010

Discover postcard beaches, tropical forests, the birthplace of reggae music, its past pirate, Rastafarian culture or an interesting and varied social life is possible if you choose Jamaica as a tourist destination. Its clear Caribbean beaches also allow water sports, while its rugged mountainous interior are home to a nearly impenetrable vegetation and a world to discover. This small island has the nation’s capital, Kingston, and the cities of Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios main holiday havens.

Port at Montego Bay

Photography by heather0714

But before landing in the country that gave birth to Bob Marley, (más…)

Virgin Islands: The Sea Goddess

sábado, abril 24th, 2010

Virgin Islands: The Sea Goddess

Photography by Peter Shanks

The British Virgin Islands are an emblem of the beauty and exuberance of the Eastern Caribbean. Bays, hills and palm trees in an archipelago of four main islands, islets and rocks emerging from the crystal clear sea.

Could be the scene of the series Lost, in The Blue Lagoon or any movie set in an idyllic and breathtakingly beautiful landscape. The British Virgin Islands in the eastern Caribbean, are an invitation to pure nature, with a climate conducive to long outdoor activities, clear waters and white sands. It is less than 100 kilometers from Puerto Rico, the archipelago made up of dozens of rocks, hills and islands strung over an oval drawn in the ocean, and while the four central islands (Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke and Anegada) are the most developed for visitors, each of its corners invites an indescribable feeling of being in paradise. (más…)

Puerto Rico an island fantasy

lunes, abril 5th, 2010

Ponce, Puerto Rico / La Guancha recreation area por Oquendo.

Puerto Rico is known as «The Island of Enchantment» is that here is it all from places to eat, drink, sleep and enjoy the island etc. In places where you may be very near Old San Juan, in the village and the amazing Rincón Vieques.

A boom of restaurants and bars are animated in the metropolitan coast of Puerto Rico. It is a place to reinvent the best of Caribbean food for when the traveler is tired of the traditional rice and beans, and puts more emphasis on going for a drink in the bars, which are decorated with the latest design. (más…)

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