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Fort Lauderdale: The «American Venice»

sábado, junio 11th, 2011

Perfect for lovers of the sea, Fort Lauderdale entices with its beautiful beaches, gastronomy and shopping circuit.

In Oh my gauze!, A clothing and decor in the famous Las Olas Boulevard, take pictures of the products may be considered «espionage.» Is that this house sells «one of a kind», or crafts. And in the U.S., where almost everything is manufactured in series, finding unique items is a real find.

Fort Lauderdale

Photography by wirralwater (where to next?)

If you travel to Miami must reserve a weekend to Fort Lauderdale, about 36 km north on the Atlantic. It looks like a floating city, which sits on hundreds of channels of sea water, which earned her the name «The Venice of America» there plastic gondolas sail have little to do with the Italian, but well worth a stroll. Paradise for shopping fans, delivers more refined and exclusive Miami, with the advantage that also is a hub of entertainment for young and old. (más…)

Route for West Coast

jueves, diciembre 2nd, 2010

Touring the U.S. West Coast is almost a rite of passage. Sights, sounds and many frames have been feeding our subconscious, build a collective consciousness to be compared, sometimes exceeding expectations and other, falling to the mythologized vision reality that so many movies and we have set.

The West Coast

Photography by Kevitivity

Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Grand Canyon, Yosemite … The list can be endless and full length that will allow us the time available.

It is a journey to do with the freedom to mark you your own tour, as well, finding a hotel in the United States is relatively easy and can save a lot if you choose this method. Rent a car in U.S. is almost essential to be able to walk comfortably the vast distances that separate visits we plan to do. (más…)

Quebec French heart in America

miércoles, noviembre 24th, 2010

Quebec is a colonial city with such simplicity and grace made monuments. Even today, retains some European air, like most Canadian cities.

Quebec is almost a natural fortress, so Charles Dickens named it the «Gibraltar of America.» It is located along the St. Lawrence River and is without a doubt is the cradle of French civilization in North America, or more precisely, a French stronghold where the roots are well entrenched, it maintains a steady hand in hand with English Anglo-Saxon culture, both official languages in Canada.


Photography by abdallahh

Basse Ville (Lower City) (más…)

The Lobster Festival in Maine

domingo, agosto 29th, 2010

Today we speak of a journey through the rugged coast of Maine from Rockland to Camden and Acadia National Park. To get an idea of your location, we say that Maine is located in the United States and close to the border with Canada on the Atlantic coast and situated in a gulf.

The Lobster Festival in Maine

Photography by spablab

Camden, the jewel of the Mid-Coast:

There is a perfect place to explore the coast of Maine: Camden, the jewel of the Mid-Coast region is a picturesque and peaceful town of just over 6,000 inhabitants located in Penobscot Bay with a postal environment. Camden is still one of those places where the doors of the houses are not closed day or night. Walking through its streets one has the feeling of living in The Truman Show. People who give the good morning with a smile at strangers and are always willing to have a little chat. One would think that is part of a scene. The pace is so quiet that makes you want to start making blueberry jam the fruit par excellence of the region. Also, here you can eat very well. (más…)

Trip to Washington with little money

lunes, mayo 17th, 2010

Legend has it that Washington is one of the most expensive cities in the world, debatable point if we compare the different studies that appear regularly in newspapers and online. But prices aside, Washington, the capital of the United States also have the appeal of visiting the center of power, that’s enough, is a beautiful city that gives travelers a few attractions and full of culture, history, tradition and power. All this, regardless of the budget available. Here, Washington for less money.

The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Photography by foxypar4

Of course, we must begin where it should be. (más…)

Canadian Cities

sábado, mayo 8th, 2010

In winter snow dresses the mountains and offers the perfect setting for lovers of skiing, in summer the sleet load on his shoulders and wide open sky for the sun goes down on its lakes and beaches, returning the heat the skin of its inhabitants. Canada, does include parts of the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, up to its vastness with exquisite scenery, mountains, lakes and parks.

Canadian Cities

Photography by Peter Shanks

A very attractive destination for traveling, Canada, includes among its major cities: Vancouver, Ottawa (capital), Toronto and Montreal. (más…)

Las Vegas: A challenge to reason in the wilderness

jueves, mayo 6th, 2010

Once again, the city of Las Vegas reinvents luxury and style to maintain its status as Sin City. At this great American metropolis no longer comes to play in their casinos, but also to enjoy some of the shops, restaurants and most exclusive events in the world. The changes in this city are occurring at breakneck speed.

Las Vegas: A challenge to reason in the wilderness

Photography by Peter Shanks

The game is not their main source of income: Earnings from hotels, restaurants, shops and shows it well above. (más…)

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