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Sydney Aquarium

miércoles, junio 16th, 2010

Sydney is a city that lives and mingles with the sea, it has allowed him to have one of the largest aquariums in Australia and in the world. By leveraging its coastline has been the most beautiful areas of the city are there, making it one of the major tourist destinations: «La Joya Austral Pacific.»

Sydney Aquarium and Wildlife World

Photography by Joe Brockmeier

Sydney Aquarium (Sydney Aquarium) has more than eleven thousand species of marine animals. Located in the port area of Darling Harbour (one of the best seaside resorts in the world), near the National Maritime Museum and the Chinese Garden of Friendship, among others, is divided into four zones: (más…)

A magnificent and historic trip to Sydney

domingo, abril 4th, 2010

Hyde Park Barracks Museum por sanjoseweb.

A tour of the major Australian city of Sydney, leads among its emblematic buildings, ports and beaches. This blog will talk about excursions and city tours.

The Hyde Park Barracks in Sydney, is a building in the early nineteenth century functioned as a dormitory for prisoners sent from England at that time the convicts are not watching them both. Sample collections of shackles and whips, explains how the drawer where they kept the more rebellious for weeks or months, but insists that prisoners generally moved freely through the fields today cleared the ultramodern downtown area of Sydney. «In fact, the jail was across Australia». (más…)

Polynesia: Overseas Travel

lunes, marzo 22nd, 2010

Polynesia: Overseas Travel

On the map, are just a few points scattered in the Pacific, more closely, it’s 118 islands in five archipelagos, surrounded by a turquoise sea, and the exact combination of luxury and exoticism. Of course, as they visit other islands, begins to understand something of the Polynesian parameter. To get an idea: this French overseas territory, which insinuates itself on the map as a constellation of dots scattered across the Pacific, consists of 118 islands, spread into five archipelagos: Society (the most populated and visited), Tuamotu, Gambier, Marquesas and Austral Islands. Some 40 of them are simply uninhabited. (más…)

The beautiful city of Sydney

viernes, octubre 30th, 2009

Sydney was founded in 1788 by the captain of the British Royal Navy Arthur Phillip, who on 26 January of that year landed on a beautiful bay of southeastern Australia, along with a fleet of eleven ships carrying about one thousand inmates English and Irish and 80 gendarmes.

Sydney Opera House
Today, Sydney is the capital of New South Wales in Australia. A city where residents enjoy one of the best qualities of life on the planet, as Sydney has grown and evolved in accordance with plans of development programs, which are characterized by combining the concepts of modernity and environmental care. (más…)

Fiji Islands

domingo, junio 14th, 2009

The Fiji Islands are the islands of Melanesia known, composed of 320 islands of which only one third are inhabited. The Fiji Islands offer visitors white sand beaches, coral islands, rainforests and beautiful natural surroundings to enjoy a vacation attractive. Fiji Islands is a paradise full of good feeling.

The country’s first settlers were the Melanesians. The islands were sighted for the first time by the Dutch navigator Abel Janszoon Tasman in 1643, when it began contacts with Europe. (más…)


viernes, junio 12th, 2009

In the Australian state of Tasmania, the ubiquitous nature exercises its most indelible. A destination that is special for the devotees of the outdoors, tranquility, turquoise water and adventure sports. Its cities are evidence of the English influence.
Chosen to southeastern Australia, Tasmania embodies an island in every sense for the country to which it belongs: geographical, cultural and architecturally.

Unlike that, where prevailing heat and desert covers much of its surface, Tasmanians (which account for almost half a million), have intermediate temperatures and abundant rainfall. And they have the privilege to be surrounded by an exuberant nature that makes the island a veritable paradise on earth. (más…)

Pago Pago Island – Samoa

viernes, mayo 8th, 2009

It may be true island described in Robert Louis Stevenson ‘Treasure Island’, but the traveler will not be in Pago Pago with disturbing stories of pirates and sailors around the search for a precious treasure, but with the peace of a landscape full of mountains, the breeze and the wind hits the sail, and rowed to the palm side of banana blossoms. (más…)

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