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The Mosque of Cordoba – Heritage

miércoles, octubre 12th, 2011

One of the most impressive monuments you can visit in Spain is, without doubt, the Mosque of Cordoba. However, in the ranking of museums and monuments in Spain, by the number of visitors they receive each year, the Mosque of Cordoba just entered the top 10. And in your travels to Andalusia sure you’ve visited Seville and Granada, but perhaps you have not stopped in Cordoba to visit the mosque.

The Mosque of Cordoba

Photography by Nigel’s Europe

I assure you on a journey through southern Spain, the Mosque of Cordoba should be a must-see, as you will be impressed by the sheer beauty of this temple that was the best example of Moorish art in Spain, and the largest mosque in the West. (más…)

Getaway to La Coruña

lunes, enero 3rd, 2011

La Coruña has many treasures for themselves and are worth a trip, but if we add the delicious Galician cuisine is an indispensable event and perfect for a couple of days off.

Getaway to La Coruña

Photography by jl.cernadas

It is the second largest city in Galicia, but still, and although it has the highest population densities of the peninsula, is a small town you can visit at a leisurely pace on a weekend.

The Tower of Hercules: (más…)

Malaga an urban oasis

viernes, noviembre 19th, 2010

The center of Malaga is both historic and commercial center, so it is very nice to enjoy a stroll through its streets during business hours, and make for a taste of daily life in the capital of the Costa del Sol.


Photography by juanpol

The bustling life in the city from early morning until late at night. The bars and terraces are filled at almost any time of year and any day of the week, giving a sense of activity and joy that animates the city to enjoy the outdoors. It is more convenient to stay at a hotel in Manchester to visit freely, but then book a few days to rest in one of the coastal towns. (más…)

La Manga – Spain

domingo, noviembre 7th, 2010

La Manga del Mar Menor has a peculiarity that in a few places you can experience. Sitting between two seas, able to look sideways and see the Mediterranean and then look back for the saltwater lagoon of Mar Menor.

La Manga

Photography by Buxo

It is not surprising because in the past other civilizations also valued the benefits of its geography. The earliest traces of civilization in the surroundings of Mar Menor dating from the Palaeolithic, although the settlements which have more information and have been found more traces are Roman and Arabic times. (más…)

The wonders of the world in danger of extinction

viernes, noviembre 5th, 2010

Three years ago Made famous worldwide vote for new Seven Wonders of the World. In these votes were elected monuments like the Colosseum in Rome, the Great Wall of China, Christ Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Machu Pichu in Peru, the pyramids of Chichen Itza in Mexico, India’s Taj Mahal and Petra in Jordan.

The wonders of the world in danger of extinction

Photography by llamnudds

In Villa de Ayora want to talk about the wonders of the world because of man (climate change, rising temperatures, etc.) Are in danger of disappearing. We hope to know before they disappear, or at least not ever disappear. (más…)

Renovated Museum in Athens

miércoles, septiembre 22nd, 2010

Athens is a city full of nice nooks and ennobled by the testimony of a unique past. On many downtown streets, the alternative to be surrounded by buildings is irrelevant to turn to the always dominant Acropolis. Well get ready in this virtual tour to learn more about Athens …

Art and Culture in Greece

Photography by Galería de Faustino

As the visitor approaches the mass of the Acropolis, you also have to find surviving monuments of unique elegance and beauty, such as the Tower of Winds Lysicrates or monument, or between small jewels that are the Byzantine churches XI-XII centuries and the architectural style of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. (más…)

The best of Barcelona

sábado, junio 5th, 2010

Barcelona is one of the most populated of the European Union, perhaps because it integrates into perspective, history, beauty, art, cuisine, culture and people very special. Barcelona is lively, energetic, when he stepped on the streets you feel you are in the middle of the essence of the Spanish people, a mixture of art and work. Bathed by the Mediterranean sea, more than a million and half people are still forged for that magical and transcendent.

The best of Barcelona

Photography by james.

Best places: (más…)

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