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Cruises on Costa Serena

domingo, octubre 23rd, 2011

I have not had the opportunity to enjoy a trip on a cruise. While on the way I like to travel, organizing it by myself, and maximizing enjoyment in the various destinations, a priori admit that until now I’ve been attracted by this kind of travel is increasingly popular.


Photography by Terry Wha

But contrary to what was said above, I’m sure some time, sooner rather than later, I will point to the experience of doing a cruise. However, as an advance, if I had the opportunity to meet a large cruise ship, on the occasion of TBMBCN held in the month of April, during a stopover in the port of Barcelona. (más…)

Dream landscape in Ha Long Bay

martes, enero 25th, 2011

The Ha-long Bay is one of the most spectacular landscapes of Southeast Asia. Mysterious and evocative, with its more than 3,000 islands form a natural place shrouded in fog that seems to have stopped in time, forming his own universe.

The Ha-long Bay is one of the most spectacular landscapes

Photography by David McKelvey

Travel to Vietnam and not to admire the Bay of Ha-long is to make our trip to middle and miss a very special place. And that is also known by the agents involved in tourism in China, so there are a tourist architecture organized in Vietnam that offers this and other tours in Vietnam at affordable prices. (más…)

Travel to the Caribbean and Central America

domingo, abril 18th, 2010

Norwegian Crown and midtown Manhattan skyline por Jim in Times Square.

For tourists who are in the United States, especially in the State of Florida, perhaps to spend on your travel itinerary, have you ever considered making a reservation cruise the Caribbean or Central America. This should be remembered that there was a time when almost all ships departing from there, but over time between New York City and the path of several cruise lines, this means having the option to choose a port at a location most central. New York, is also a natural step for cruise lines. (más…)

Splendida MSC Cruises: The great adventure for the Mediterranean

sábado, abril 17th, 2010

The great adventure for the Mediterranean

The combination of cutting-edge technology with the comfort and luxury that characterize MSC Cruises have converged into a paradise where dreams come true. MSC Splendida is a ship that looks to the future but is designed with all the splendor and character of its past, and that is why a passenger will find the gold inside the boat. (más…)

South America Cruise Travel

sábado, abril 3rd, 2010

cruise ships by the South American routes

Today we have prepared an article for those travelers who are close to coming to this part of the continent, which we have called, cruise ships by the South American routes. The following are the cruises that we recommend for your trip, these are:

Symphony Cruise:

South American season in full cruise ships whose port of departure or arrival to Buenos Aires on board offer a film experience, sports, theater galas, live shows and fine dining on the waters of the Atlantic. In addition, their destinations to the coasts of Uruguay and Brazil. (más…)

The cruise and tourism

sábado, noviembre 7th, 2009

The cruise and tourism

Cruise tourism has become a major economic activity, this industry has hundreds of thousands of jobs either directly and indirectly in different countries, from boat design, construction, maintenance companies, the crew personnel at ports of call and cruise marketing companies. It is a market with high growth worldwide and there is a wide range in this market led to almost all economic levels and is expected that this growth trend will continue over the coming years. What was once a luxury only a privileged few is now becoming a very interesting possibility for the general public, which according to trends, preferences tilted towards the cruisers. In America, the cruise tourism represents a high percentage in terms of choice of the tourist, Europe’s main market is UK, followed by Germany, France and Italy. (más…)

Cruises and tours Europe and South America

lunes, septiembre 7th, 2009

The Odyssey's Marina (artist rendition) por Luxury Cruise Bible.

To live a different and unforgettable experience, with vertigo, fun and excitement by combining the pleasure of riding different places at once but still in touch with nature, you have to get into the majestic ship that offers a cruise. It comes from the conventional choice of a route to travel on foot or by car, passing through the most remote and exotic places. Is another option when deciding where we go on vacation or rest for a few days. (más…)

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