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Trekking in Torres del Paine

martes, diciembre 20th, 2011

Simply spectacular Annapurna Trekking in Nepal of the Cordillera Blanca of Peru and the stunning Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy in Argentina, the journey through the landscape of the Natural Park of Torres del Paine in Chilean Patagonia is among the top 5 is can find.

Trekking in Torres del Paine

Photography by Geoff Livingston

Perhaps because of the difficulty, the suffering may be at the mercy of southern climate changes, simply by the stunning views of the landscape, or probably a little of all these moments that live along the route. Once finished, you feel more full and happy to have come this far. (más…)

Trips to the opal mines at Coober Pedy

domingo, junio 5th, 2011

In South Australia, the town of Coober Pedy concentrates most of the world’s opal gem flagship capable of expressing all the colors of the visible spectrum. Halfway between Adelaide and Alice Springs, a journey into the Australian outback, Aboriginal Heritage and present mining.

Trips to the opal mines at Coober Pedy

Photography by eyeintim

Coober Pedy is less than 4 000 inhabitants and is almost a point lost in the huge map of Australia, about 850 kilometers north of Adelaide. More than 600 kilometers separate also from Alice Springs, the main city in the heart of the continent. Even the Ghan, the train crosses desert Australia from end to end by the center from the southern to the northern end, it stops there. (más…)

Swedish Lapland in search of paradise lost

miércoles, mayo 18th, 2011

Swedish Lapland: in search of paradise lost

Swedish Lapland is not just an unknown and unexplored region of the globe that is leading the cultural and natural heritage of UNESCO in the area, but a place of warm and amazing human stories.

Swedish Lapland

Photography by libargutxi

Travel to Lapland in Sweden is also a beautiful way to perform into his people, and learn from them and their unique region through their customs, traditions and way of seeing life from rare latitudes for a European medium. (más…)

Gaudi’s Park Guell in Barcelona

domingo, febrero 13th, 2011

Gaudi’s Park Guell in Barcelona

The Park Guell is a park located in one of the slopes of the Caramel Mountain neighborhood in the northern district of Gracia in Barcelona, and is one of the most characteristic works of Gaudí.

Park Guell in Barcelona

Photography by mazlov

In collaboration with Antoni Gaudí and Josep Maria Berenguer Jujol, planned and directed from 1900 to 1914 for Eusebi Guell commissioned the creation of a residential garden city of the British type, scheduled for 60 houses. However, the project was never fully developed, only two houses were built, but it led to the creation of this unique space in 1923 became the property of the municipality of Barcelona. (más…)

What we know of Trekking

miércoles, marzo 10th, 2010

Trekking close to Tilicho lake and peak, Annapurna, Nepal por Eric Lon.

Reaching the summit of a mountain and reach the beginning or mouth of a creek or a simple walk, while enjoying a dream landscape, are the basic objectives of trekking. Know where the best places for this sport which calls to ignore the stress.

Moderate to challenging hikes on natural landscapes such as mountains, valleys, mountains, gorges, forests, banks of streams, rivers and lakes, and permanent contact with nature, are the perfect excuse for those who are bored of the classic beach holiday. (más…)

Esquel Tours of Patagonia

domingo, febrero 28th, 2010

We timee our departure from Esquel to coincide with that of the old Patagonian Express ("la Trochita") by Rick Price.

Trips to Patagonia are an unforgettable experience in Argentina. For this region is the first thing to learn the routes, the region is large so that, ideally, know part on each trip we make, well today we present the adventure travel to Patagonia.

Esquel Tours:

In Patagonia, it can get cold at night and on horseback is impossible not to feel it. They are four hours through mountain corridors, dodging branches, lit by the moon. The climax is when the lights of Esquel, at the foot of the hill are. It is time to deliver because we know we’ve reached that destination. (más…)

The best tracks for winter sports in the old continent

miércoles, febrero 10th, 2010

Estacion Luz Ardiden por alfonsoguerrero26.

In the roulette of the continents, Europe has won all the prizes in the field, in terms of stations for practicing winter sports in the snow. Every year thousands and thousands of fans and lovers of snow sports come to live with winter sports like skiing and snowboarding to name just two. But everyone knows that the main attraction is the ski mountain, and for that we go to the grain in this virtual tour to show the stations to choose from. (más…)

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