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One Night In Beijing 1 por biggei.

Beijing gradually opens to the mixture and the trend of globalization, challenging spontaneously pressure tight Chinese political system that seems increasingly tired … communications; music and fashion are getting what arms or ideologies itself failed.

In the area east of the city center, near Chaoyang, where are located most embassies and consulates, the main area to find out for a drink or dancing. We start the night in one of the bars in the area. Some are near areas of progress or a little more separated, and the most diverse styles from traditional Irish pub, even terraces that serve various Chinese dishes you can serve with any kind of liquor (including lizard or scorpion ), from wood decorated breweries that we remember a day bar in northern Europe.

But this is not the highlight of the night, it’s just warming up, the night continues in the clubs that compared to other places to visit in the city luxury look. Details and design the best care, several go-go dancers arrivals from elsewhere in the remotest corners of China and Russia, with very little clothing dancing on various platforms.

she just roared por gguillaumee

The evening Peking has 4 names:
– Club Mix: Accessible from the north of Workers Stadium, is one of the most famous sites in Beijing to go out, full of visitors and common. Without doubt a classic by which we can begin to taste the Peking night.

– GT Banana: This club is closer to Jianguomen, specifically next to Scitech Hotel. We can choose between being on the dance floor, on the terraces where you can enjoy cocktails or rent a private room (with karaoke if you wish).

– Bar Lounge Babyface: At the height of the No. 6 street Gongto Xi Lu, Peking is the headquarters of this already-known name among lovers of the night China, as this club has a local chain expands by entire geography of this great country, including cities also famous for its nightlife, like Shanghai or Guangzhou.

– China Doll: Located on the second floor Tong Li, this club which only takes a couple of years, giving war have gained wide popularity for the quality of the DJs who have gone through your cabin. Especially common among foreigners, this is a good place to meet people of any nationality.

In most of these places we will be able to consume in two ways. One is the style to which we are accustomed in Spain, or ask other drinks together or one by one, this is typically done in bars and brasseries. In clubs, but we also have this option, curiously, the most common is to ask what they call «sets». Are that instead of asking the cups one by one, give us the desired liquor bottle, several cans of soda or juice or tea mugs to combine, a bucket and a plate of fruit, peeled and ready to be taken, we may also put some nuts to arouse even more our thirst and continue eating.

So, you know, if they go to Beijing, you have a good and «vibrant» night…

The night is long…

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