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How to climb Machu Pichu

lunes, febrero 20th, 2012

Swallowed by the jungle of Peru, as the remains of Inca culture fled bushy and swampy areas, pursued by the armor and conquering cross. Machu Picchu remained so hidden, perched on high, become silent witness to a settlement that fed on precious metals.

How to climb Machu Pichu

Photography by fabulousfabs

Discovery of Machu Pichu:

His returns to this world meet its centenary in 2011. After centuries of neglect, Machu Picchu became a place belonging to the mythology, oral tradition passed from father to son in front of the fire in a miserable hut. Was the explorer and archaeologist Hiram Bingham who managed to discover the exact location of the legendary Inca city. (más…)

Barranquilla: Colombia’s Golden Gate

lunes, enero 2nd, 2012

Few cities in Colombia are so inspired with the possession of many musicians and Barranquilla. How to bypass the «bailao arrebatao» of its people, a wonderful city to visit in this city of South America.

Colombia Golden Gate

Photography by Naty Rive

Customs Building:

This is the cultural center for excellence in the Colombian Caribbean that was consolidated in the last century as the most diverse settlement of merchants and adventurers from Europe and the Middle East, that the merger became an icon of diversity and progress. Jews, Germans, Italians, English, Spanish, French, American, Lebanese, Turks, among others, made a city of Barranquilla in dialogue with the world, which took place over various currents, trends and cultural movements in art. (más…)

A traditional park in downtown Guayaquil

martes, diciembre 27th, 2011

In the center of Guayaquil, opposite the beautiful Metropolitan Cathedral, is no small park called Seminar, which by the presence of more than fifty iguanas that have made their habitat facilities, many people today know what Parque de las Iguanas.

the park in Guayaquil

Photography by surrealpenguin

The park itself is located between the streets north Clemente Ballen, August 10 south, Chile to the east and west and Chimborazo is more the old city.

Compared to other parks in the city, the extension of the seminar is not park of many dimensions, about 4.350m2 comprises. Tourist interest is aroused by its location, its history, to preserve their traditional image and now by the presence of iguanas, squirrels and pigeons, who are a pleasure to live among the trees and plants of the place. (más…)

Visit the Automotive Museum in Malaga

martes, noviembre 15th, 2011

One of the most stunning views you can do on your visit to the city of Malaga is the Automobile Museum, which since September of last year 2010 occupies modern facilities within the grounds of the former Tobacco Factory.

museo malaga automovil

Photography by

Malaga This new museum is home to most of the private collection of Portuguese Joao de Magalhaes, who in 2004 had reached an agreement with the Malaga authorities so that it was the forerunner of the current museum. (más…)

Berlin – Opening hours and ticket prices Pergamon Museum

viernes, octubre 28th, 2011

Berlin – Opening hours and ticket prices Pergamon Museum

Sure, if you’re traveling to Berlin soon, have targeted the visit of the Pergamon Museum as one of the indispensable in your days in the capital of Germany. The Pergamon Museum shows some of the great wonders of antiquity, such as the Ishtar Gate of Babylon or the Altar of Pergamon.

Pergamon Museum in Berlin

Photography by Miia Ranta

Location: (más…)

Iran the ancient Persia

miércoles, septiembre 21st, 2011

Many travelers are passed through the head once a trip to Iran, but prevention of all types have put the kibosh on the idea. It is true that the Iranian political situation is complex, and also the Islamic Republic is based on the principles of the Koran, contained in the Sharia (Islamic law) and imposes certain respect that many people in present times, and forced to follow certain rules, some quite unpleasant as women’s clothing. And to further complicate the chances of a trip, we have imposed the idea that Iran is one of the countries forming the «Axis of Evil.» It is also true that those who have dared to travel to Iran have returned very satisfied with the experience. And a trip to the old Persia to discover a friendly people and excellent, with many topics which are removed and also can admire many monuments exceptional.

trip to Iran

Photography by Scarto

Location: (más…)

Buddhism in the West: fashion or tradition?

domingo, septiembre 11th, 2011

It is a question that probably all Westerners have ever raised: what is between the border that separates the spiritual life of East and West. In today’s society, the prevailing stress and hurry, the individual seeks an attractive, comfortable and subtle to escape in search of peace, relaxation and tranquility. A personality, the Dalai Lama (their twitter @ dalailama is one of the most followed in the blogosphere, with more than two million supporters and 56,000 lists), and a region, Tibet (now mostly moved to Dharamsala in northern India to China’s occupation), embody the essence of Buddhism today worldwide.

The Dalai Lama

Photography by Wonderlane

A spiritual master: the Dalai Lama (más…)

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