Tourism in Valencia

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Tourism in Valencia

The two millennia city of Valencia in Spain, is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, the center of the gulf that bears his name. Valencia is the third most populous city in Spain. Its historic core is concentrated around the Cathedral, between the Plaza de Almoina and numerous streets. Tourist attractions that we will detail below, well then get ready for this virtual trip there we go …

As for his rigor weather this is Mediterranean, mild and humid, which is ideal to accompany a walk through the vast array of cultural spots the city has in its offer. These sites are recognized and prestigious account for a bombastic story you have in your present and helpful in the future. But either we continue with what our readers expect … the tourist attractions that visitors want to know more concerted and of these, we can begin to visit the Museum of Fine Arts San Pio V, which is a site where they show classics that put show the relationship between land Valencia, prehistory and culture.

Museum of Fine Arts San Pio V, science and technology have their own space in the Prince Felipe Science Museum, the place is ideal for knowledge and education for visitors, which shows the dissemination of artistic work in its best.

Meanwhile, we also find a place to learn about the history and archeology. One is the History Museum of Valencia and the other, the Museum of the City. Moreover, there is space for old and contemporary history at the Casa Museo Blasco Ibáñez and the Museum of Illustration and Modernity.

Thus a series of other museums complement Valencian culture and thus exposing the strong power that has its heritage in Valencia in which there is also room for Romanesque and Baroque structures, as reflected in its gates, towers and bases.

With a slight twist in tale presentations holiday in the city, is the image of the church’s patron saint of Valencia, which can be found at the Royal Basilica of Our Lady of the Forsaken. This figure is of fifteenth-century gothic. Of course there are many more churches, but time for us to know others in the city, where visitors can see.

Nightlife in Valencia:

Valencian Land hosts these sites in many of its key points: on the coast, where coastal strip, on the plains of Turia, in Safor in the Hinterlands in the north, in the Altiplano, the Bank high and more.

At each step, the physical gaps of the past take shape and become attractive sites for tourists in sight. As the monuments and museums are popular festivals. The nightlife is also part of the tradition and joy Valencia where we celebrate in different places and at various meetings.

Las Fallas is the largest spring festival in the area. Who likes to travel in the heat of the spring you can enjoy an event where failures (torches) are the exclusive actors. In the evening it is customary to burn the useless, the heat of the fire and the festive bonfires.

This festival has been declared «International Tourist Interest» and, during that lasts seven days, the streets are broken up and taken over by knots population willing to participate in the activities.

Stasera Paella alla Valenciana x tutti por Master Mason.

Before concluding, let’s not forget eating and among the most typical dishes of Valencia, who can motivate the palate is the classic Valencian paella (rice, chicken, rabbit, snails, green beans, tabella, garrofó, tomato, oil, salt, saffron, red pepper and water) prepared according to the laws of the city, a noodle paella (the fideua), or a fruit dessert typically Valencian. So, with well-filled stomach, can complete a trip through Valencia tradition.

The legacies of Valencia are seen in its streets, its monuments and festivals.

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