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Australia: The sacred Ayers Rock

lunes, abril 16th, 2012

This huge rock, in the National Park Uluru-Kata Tjuta is a startling appearance in the desert. It is a sacred site for indigenous peoples of Australia, and can say that transforms into something similar to the thousands of tourists from around the world who visit each year and fall to the spell of his commanding presence and its color changes and especially before that becomes bright red when the sunset strokes.

Australia The sacred Ayers Rock

Photography by Corey Leopold

Origin and location:

Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is geologically more than what its name implies: (más…)

The Natural Beauty of New Zealand

sábado, septiembre 4th, 2010

Almost 20,000 kilometers away from New Zealand to Spain. However, neither the distance nor the long hours of air (about 36, between flights, stopovers and transfers) prevent each year are choosing more than the Spanish know the exoticism of these lands, dreamy landscapes and rich and practically untouched nature in perfect condition.

The Natural Beauty of New Zealand

Photography by Gaudero

Although there are beautiful cities, New Zealand stands by its nature. It has the highest percentage of its territory as national parks. Made up of two islands (the North and South), presents a wide range for lovers of the environment.  (más…)

A magnificent and historic trip to Sydney – Part II

domingo, abril 4th, 2010

A magnificent and historic trip to Sydney

Continuing the historic great Sidney, we are referring to the article …

Passing over Cadman’s Cottage (a building of 1816, the oldest in Sydney), restaurants and shops as multicultural as the city’s population (each step is seen how the flow of African immigrants and Asian have added even more variety to this country of immigrants) and reach the Queen Victoria Building, a shopping promenade in the late nineteenth century, adorned with vitrauxs, skylights, and the most elegant homes of clothing and restaurants. (más…)

New Zealand: The Lord of the landscape

jueves, marzo 18th, 2010

New Zealand por helga_ni.

Behind an exuberant nature and full of contrasts, with glaciers, volcanoes and beaches a few kilometers apart, we discover a modern and environmentally conscious. New Zealand is one of those countries in which one can imagine a life: clean, safe, multicultural, free from poverty and ostentatious millionaire, home to vibrant cities, gardens, generous, well-served tables, kindness without artifice.

The landscapes of Rudyard Kipling, once called them the eighth wonder of the world. But it would be over 100 years for those scenarios that not for nothing were chosen to film the blockbuster trilogy The Lord of the Rings, among other fantasy films, emerging as the main export of New Zealand. A country that, by all where you look, is far from everywhere. (más…)

A dream Honeymoon in Bora Bora

jueves, febrero 4th, 2010

Among the world’s most romantic destinations are the islands of Polynesia and no wonder, his landscapes invite you to relax and beaches lure visitors from around the world who long ago chose Polynesia as one of the favorite destinations for your Honeymoon travel. This is precisely because of the Polynesian Islands seem imaginary, unreal by its excessive beauty that has become one of the trips dreamed of young couples who want to enjoy the beach, the sun, but also a bit of adventure, as much as you want. (más…)

Bali Island of the Gods in Indonesia

jueves, diciembre 17th, 2009

Bratan Lake, Bali por ©haddock.

Indonesian island of Bali, a tropical island and one of the most popular tourist destinations, beautiful Indonesian archipelago, both because it is so picturesque, as beautiful landscape that are worthy of any postcard.  On the island of Bali tourists may encounter rice on hillsides, volcanoes up through the clouds, dense tropical jungle, long sandy beaches, warm blue water, surf and enjoy the friendly people who are not only. (más…)

To take into account your travel to Polynesia

lunes, octubre 12th, 2009

 Hotel Bora Bora - Blair Cup 2007 por Super Starfish.

We are all accustomed to the typical postcard view of Polynesia, where the turquoise waters tempt us and these beautiful bungalows, but if we go visiting others around here consider only dream that these cards belong to many exclusive resorts, where the fee is to be accommodated per day. If we are willing to go as there are cheaper, in the place there pensions and family homes that provide lodging. (más…)

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