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Casa Marin: Among the World’s Best Vineyards

miércoles, febrero 1st, 2012

A very successful year. So this summary at Casa Marín 2011, due to the great results achieved with its wines in major international publications and confirming the good work that has developed Maria Luz Marin, owner and winemaker of Viña Casa Marin in Lo Abarca, Valley San Antonio.

Casa Marin: Among the World's Best Vineyards

Photography by pandrcutts

Decanter, Wine Advocate and Wine Enthusiast major awards have been handed over and scores 90 points to the wines of Casa Marina, by the year 2008 one of the most successful in the vineyard led by renowned winemaker Maria Luz Marin. (más…)

Brazil: Wine Route in Rio Grande do Sul and Pernambuco

jueves, diciembre 8th, 2011

The best time to visit the region during the months of January and February, when performing the Harvest. It’s harvest time and the tourists can follow the entire production process of the beverage.

Wine Route in Rio Grande

Photography by Jeff Belmonte

Destination: Wine Tourism:

In Sierra Gaucho in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, the mountains and the valleys make the beauty of the valley’s vineyards in the municipality of Bento Gonçalves, ideal destination for those who appreciate wine tourism. In an area of ??82 km2, representing over 50% of the country’s wine production, vineyards and small farms share the space with renowned wine. (más…)

Food in the Valley of Nalón – Asturias

martes, octubre 18th, 2011

A tourist trip through Asturias not be understood without tasting the excellent and often compelling cuisine. And specifically, if you visit the Valley of Nalón from the area’s industrial heritage Langreo up the mountain landscapes of the natural park of networks, you will have the chance to try the most popular delicacies Asturias.

Food in asturias

Photography by Toprural

Here I will detail the main dishes you’ll find among the gastronomic Nalón Valley, which I had the opportunity to try on my recent trip to the region of Asturias. (más…)

Gastrobar tapas at the bar Llamber Avilés

lunes, octubre 17th, 2011

When traveling to Aviles, Asturias, possibly to visit the new cultural center Niemeyer, do not let pass the opportunity to stroll through the historic center of this town in Asturias. Galiana Street is a must, for its atmosphere of bars and restaurants. But not all are going to find will offer you the typical Asturian cuisine and exquisite. On the street Galiana are some surprises. This is the case of Llamber gastrobar tavern, an establishment where you can enjoy tapas young specialties of Spanish cuisine diverse, from Palamos shrimps until mushrooms stew with squid, and, above all, some rice, black rice with a rice with prawns and sea urchin. Other classics are presented in candied chicken wings Llamber Gastrobar Aviles in Asturias or Palamos prawns.


Photography by juantiagues

On my recent trip to Asturias had the opportunity to make a pica pica in Llamber, (más…)

The market in Catania

lunes, octubre 3rd, 2011

It’s nice when you walk on holiday and sit on your journey to a happy crowd. In this regard a proposal if it feels this is when we are in the market of Catania, it is not just going to buy is more than that.


Photography by vic15


Browse this market is undoubtedly the highlight on our journey in Sicily, this morning we have woken up in August Mascali, a few kilometers north of Catania, just breakfast and we launched the car with the idea of getting to Catania parking lot early and without much difficulty. Precisely my concern lies out in the parking lot, since I read everywhere that Catania is a city with very heavy traffic and especially chaotic. And to be more complicated, of course, the closer the street market is located in the heart of one of the main cities of Sicily. (más…)

This Great Coffee Place

sábado, septiembre 17th, 2011

Great coffee places in the world – Part I

The common factor in a trip is always the coffee, it relaxes us, helps us to reflect, contemplate and talk with friends. Today we will present a list of places to consider are coffee, more attractive in the world.

The best coffee

Fotografía por Jean Léonard Polo

Landtmann Cafe – Vienna

This is one of the most splendid sites in Vienna coffee. In the past during the German occupation there was no heating in the houses or hotels, but in the cafes and theaters. Since this memorable place in it. The cafe was a meeting that did not need a cell phone or a message on Facebook. He saw life through and through, looking at doing nothing, talking or waiting for someone who may never come. (más…)

Copenhagen Restaurants

viernes, septiembre 16th, 2011

My experience told me that in the Nordic countries is very difficult to eat well at a good price. The price is almost inevitable if you go to a restaurant because you have to adapt to the standards of the country where you are traveling, but the quality is debatable. And I must admit that I ate very well in Copenhagen. I always like that behind places I visit have stories that give meaning to the place and many of the restaurants we visited and we ate had a story behind it.

The restaurants in Copenhagen

Photography by Kent Wang

In this post I want to name the other restaurants where we ate and ate but not local people had recommended. (más…)

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