The Draa Valley – Morocco

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In ancient times the river Draa crossed the desert as a West Nile and traveled hundreds of miles to lead the Atlantic. On its banks the nap under water crocodiles and hippos puff. Today is a very long Ouad except sand and rocks and great in its first two hundred kilometers, which is one of the most fascinating landscapes of Morocco.

The route begins in Ouarzazate, where we can follow the asphalt road towards Agdz (or Agdés). The firm is good and can be visited without much danger they may present unusual characteristic truckloads of goods to three times their height, or our self-absorption through the port of Tizi N’Tinifift (1660 meters), a succession of steep hills and dark gray rock with fierceness Restall where the sun of southern Morocco.

From the top of the port is amazing to watch the arid plains of the Draa flown by a wide green stripe that at first will seem like just a shadow but, as we approaching Agdz, is becoming a spectacular palm grove dotted with orchards, adobe houses and ditches.

From Agdz to Zagora Draa Valley is at its best. A little off the main road and explore the towns of their banks will allow us to provide different perspectives of this river of calm waters flanked by palm trees and an orchard of fruit trees. Here, people are the result of a mixture of Berber and Arab tribes in ancient dynasties of slaves brought from Sudan, which we will discover how your skin will continue to fall under darkening imperceptibly southward.
The Draa Valley is filled with ancient fortresses adobe (QSAR, qsur plural) that are still standing with great dignity. Every few miles to find one on either side of the road, surprising us with the delicate combination of drawings produced by the shadows of their battlements. Within these gloomy qsur remain fresh and whole families involved in the exploitation of dates and water gardens to the Draa.

A 6 miles from the lifting Agdz QSAR of Tamnougalt, amid a palm grove and exuberant worth deviate. A few kilometers later we find the Kasba of Timiderte, one of the most spectacular of the region.
Along the valley of the Draa there are well-equipped campsites hotels surprising and interesting to most seasoned travelers for its comfort and beauty of the site. It is not uncommon to find one of these next to an irrigation feraz from which to enjoy the scent of orange flowers and singing and doves bulbuls.

Tamnougalt Kasba por ir0ny.

Always arrive to south Zagora, considered the gateway of the desert. There is not much to see here except the famous poster that reads «Tomboctou 52 days, compared to which we often find a number of tourists taking turns to be photographed next to it (without leaving the government building near horrible).
In our endeavor to follow the course, now exangüe of Draa, Zagora towards getting out of Mhamed. The paved road continues, but no palm trees or Kasba, only a huge plateau that is lost in the black line of the road: we are in the domains of the Sahara.

Upon reaching the road Mhamed disappears. Now, if we want to enter into the desert, we should get in touch with any of the small agencies that find local guides with ease.

For a reasonable price you can hire a guide who leads about 40 kilometers into the desert to the breathtaking dunes Chgaga, near the Algerian border. There, after a tayín dinner cooked on the grill, we’ll spend the night counting the stars of satin famous Saharan sky.

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