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Escape to the Colombian Pacific

martes, febrero 7th, 2012

Share the beach with sand, washed by the sea and the occasional group of crabs, tell us that with hordes of families on vacation awaits you in the Colombian Pacific coast. The star shows in exchange for neon lights, with the roar of the waves. The Colombian Pacific coast may be just the perfect place for a getaway.

The Colombian Pacific coast

Photography by ydnammmm

Dense rainforests:

The short flight from Medellin to the coastal towns of Bahia Solano and Nuquí take you over miles and miles of dense rainforest, it is surprisingly easy to discover this paradise intact in the department of Chocó in Colombia, one of the most remote regions of the country. (más…)

Sightseeing Nalón Valley in Asturias

martes, diciembre 6th, 2011

Asturias offers many attractions for a tourist trip, but some of them are little known. If you have traveled to the most popular places in Asturias, such as Gijón, the coast of Llanes and the Picos de Europa, you can ask to discover a different and more recondite Asturias.

Nalón Valley in Asturias

Photography by Eric Caballero

Geographical aspects:

The Nalón Valley, located in the southeastern part of Asturias, you’ll be amazed by the combination of cultural attractions and the very beautiful natural scenery of mountains. And when I refer to cultural attractions, think not of great architectural monuments, but in the concept of culture as a way of life. (más…)

Visit the Natural Park Network in Asturias

sábado, octubre 29th, 2011

Surely you have an image of Asturias are mountainous and green landscapes. And it is true, for we are many (more if you live on the plateau, as is my case) who, when they traveled to Asturias, one of the main reasons is to enjoy those views. So today’s topic is to see the landscapes of the natural park Networks Nalón Valley in Asturias.

Visit the Natural Park Network in Asturias

Photography by acebal

But if you also like mountainous regions with dense forests of beech and oak, for hiking, southeast of Asturias have an area not too well known, but truly beautiful corner store for you. I mean the natural park of networks, which are in the upper Nalón Valley. This area was declared a natural park in 1996, and in 2001 Unesco included it among its Biosphere Reserves. (más…)

Monfrague National Park – 5 tips

miércoles, octubre 26th, 2011

Monfrague National Park – 5 tips

One of the surprises that you can take a tourist trip through Extremadura to discover Monfrague National Park. I admit that when I recently had the opportunity to visit this natural landscape had almost no references on it, but it is definitely a must if you are thinking of a tourist route through the lands north of Cáceres.


Photography by juan.aguere

Then I’ll give you 5 tips for your visit Monfrague national park in Extremadura. (más…)

The route of the volcanoes in Catamarca

domingo, agosto 21st, 2011

This is a chronicle of a journey from the provincial capital to the heights of the Cordillera. A fascinating journey between charming villages, huge salt flats, deserts and mountains over 6000 meters high. Nature dazzling little explored on stage.

The route of the volcanoes in Catamarca

Photography by

Arriving in Catamarca:
Almost at this destination a sign indicates that we are in Step San Francisco, which marks the border with Chile, is the end of the Route of the Volcanoes. This splendid route, which cuts through vast salt lakes, lagoons, hot springs and charming villages, displays 19 volcanoes that were revered by Andean cultures, ancient inhabitants of the area. (más…)

Paracas: The Galapagos of Peru

lunes, julio 4th, 2011

The Paracas National Reserve found in Peru are a few kilometers from the mystical Nazca lines, this set of islands is one of the richest marine ecosystems in the world.

Paracas National Reserve found in Peru

Photography by Martintoy

Three years ago, an earthquake followed by tsunami took everything. The maretazo, as they say here, barges crashed into houses, attacked two thirds of the buildings and plunged to 200 meters inland. (más…)

The Bengal Tigre – The prince of the jungle

domingo, junio 5th, 2011

Unique. Seem threatening, but they are threatened. This mammal hunter with sharp teeth, which belongs to the family of cats, integrates an endangered breed which fell in one century, from 40 000 specimens to the current 2 000 across India. Today they are protected by Worldlife Protection Society of India.

The Bengal Tigre

Photography by Jack Fiallos

Although Africa is the region most famous for safaris into the jungle and wildlife watching, the country of the Ganges has its unique species. Options to meet a real Bengal tiger. (más…)

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