Traveling in Osaka – Japan

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Osaka por clasch.

Osaka, the third largest city in Japan, is one of its most famous cities, although not especially noted for anything in particular. Culturally always been overshadowed by Kyoto, which is really close, and as a city is much more refined.  However, Osaka’s nightlife has a fervent, almost comparable to that of Tokyo, albeit on a smaller scale. Osaka is a city of rabid modern living for the future and that’s exactly what we will find there.

While visiting Osaka have the feeling that only looks ahead, it is a very old city, with history, and to check, if we wish, we can visit the Osaka-jo, a castle recently renovated. This is the most visited monument of all over Japan, but many attribute that is all old classic that can be seen in Osaka, and possibly this objection has some degree.

The park surrounding the Osaka-jo is especially beautiful during the cherry blossom Sakura and there are many traditional festivals held.

Osaka-jo por Tomobil.

But if you want to see is the modern part of Osaka, we should not miss the Umeda Sky Building, one of the most famous skyscrapers in the city. You can climb the Umeda Sky and watch from the ‘Floating Garden Observatory’, on the 39th floor, an interesting view of the city.

Another of the great attractions is the Aquarium, known as Kaiyukan, this is one of the largest aquariums in the world, is a very interesting visit, both for the animals that we can see, for interior design building.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

The aquarium consists of sixteen tanks lengthened, the tour starts at the top of them and surrounding them down in a curious spiral that allows us to observe the different levels of underwater life. In each of the different habitat tanks recreate the furthest corners of the planet.

But perhaps what most Western travelers will attract the vivacity that is breathed into the crowd of Namba district. Some of the most famous images are from Osaka Namba, which could be defined as the city’s commercial district, filled with shops, bars, restaurants, karaoke bars, pachinko …
One of the curiosities is hiding Doguyasuji Namba, a colonnaded streets lined with shops and restaurantes.

But possibly the most iconic are the neon lights, the man and the giant crab Glico we see in Dotonbori, a channel that traverses the district of Namba, and perhaps the busiest place in town.

Both are excellent Dotonbori Umeda as areas to taste the specialties of the area.
Probably the most famous are the Osaka-style okonomiyaki. It is a kind of pizza or tortillas that are put in the ingredients to taste, usually pork and bacon with vegetables. It is common in the best restaurants that specialize in this dish the customer to mix their own ingredients and it is he who made it to the plate.

Okonomiyaki por Taishi.M.

Osaka is also typical of Udon noodles and sushi a delicate specialty called oshizushi in which they put layers of ingredients and rice vinegar.  But if what you seek is a mid-afternoon snack, you cannot go away without sampling Osaka takoyaki, delicious stuffed octopus balls are sold and produced in small stalls in the street. As usual in Japan, which has more tail than is usually the best kitchen. Anyway you cannot talk without mentioning Osaka Kansai International Airport, a pharaonic construction and one of the most spectacular airports in the world.

Kansai International Airport is built on an artificial island. The architectural efforts to build this airport were really huge and bore fruit, since no damage has survived many earthquakes and typhoons are also built to withstand tsunamis, but the island on which stands sinks, which already had provided for the proper disposition of materials, but that unfortunately happens much faster than expected, although this does not compromise airport security since the island has some adjustable columns to be lifting. All these features make it one of the airports with more expensive rates in the world and its maintenance is really expensive. Osaka is a vibrant, modern and bustling, it emerged trends and fashions that have flooded Japan leaving its mark.

Night In Osaka - Shinsai-bashi por Matthew Nolan.

Osaka is definitely a city that must live at night, walking, feeling their excitement to see in all its glory the power and fascination of that modernity, as well as its airport, it’s actually indestructible under a appearance of fragility.

Bon voyage to the sun from the east!

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