Cabo Polonio, where the stress does not exist!

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Deserted beaches, magical sunsets, the melody of the sea and the peace that occurs far from civilization. All this and more are in Cabo Polonio, one of the few places on the coast of Rocha, the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, where it’s no running water, electricity or telephone. Rustic ranches, warehouses simple colonies of sea lions, an old lighthouse and curious tourists is what makes Cape Polonio the perfect place to shake off the stress caused by city.

Faro por gonzaaaa.

The legend says that a ship from Cadiz called «Polonium», was beaten by terrible storm, wrecked on the rocks out of the night of January 31 of 1735, giving its name to the place. Cabo Polonio was, since it became a stable settlement of fishermen and sailors, the scene of several tragedies at sea, leading to installation of the lighthouse in 1881. In fact, in 1516 and starred in a Spanish marine sinking the first of which is news and it must be the name of Torres to the set of islands that are slow at the end: The Rasa Island, La Encantada and Islet. These islands are home for hundreds of years a colony of sea lions that now is the largest of Uruguay and one of the most important of the world.

What began as a small fishing village became a place where, in addition to fishing, crafts and increased tourism-related. Proximity to Valizas and Freshwater, two spas more accessible makes Cabo Polonio is a tourist attraction to visit from the latter two, but this town has everything for a stay. The ideal season to know it is spring, because the temperatures are pleasant and do not exceed 25 º C.

Warm and quiet beaches, the presence of the old lighthouse and local craft stalls Cabo Polonio make a perfect place to spend the day. During the night the little town dresses up candles and lanterns that light up to show the beginning of the morning.

How to get there?
Cabo Polonio is located 150 kilometers from the peninsula of Punta del Este, Uruguay tourist site par excellence. At km 264 of Route 10 is the entrance to the place. You can also get there by bus from Montevideo, Valizas or castles, or in order to be left in parking lots along the route. From there you must walk in vans, jeeps or firms authorized to enter the Cape, the trip takes about 30 minutes approx.

Accommodation in Cabo Polonio:
In Cabo Polonio is not allowed to camp with a tent, not allowing the entry of cars or mobile homes. So the possibilities are two. The ranch or lease some of the two inns that offer all services. Ranches are conditions and prices vary depending on the amenities, distance to the center of the village and demand season.

To enjoy:
* The sunrise on the beach in La Calavera and sunsets on the beach south are unforgettable, the rocks near the lighthouse is another place suitable for them.
* On the rocks are on the right of the lighthouse can be seen at the sea lion lying in the sun on their unflappable naps.
* The mobile dunes of Poland is about 40 km2 in size, some exceeding 30 meters in height and move driven by the strong wind Pampero at a rate of 5 meters per year.
* From the village go out hiking to the Mount of ombú which is on the banks of Lake Castles. These unique forests, trees are made up of 200 and 300 years.
* The Eastern Cape is the Cerro de la Buena Vista with 58 meters above the sea level rise is more prominent in the area. Thence reached the lagoon to see castles, beaches and islands of Torres.
* The Polonio has miles of deserted beaches that invite us to enjoy long walks to the sea, sun and sea air.
* In the evenings there are some ranches that operate as pubs, generating electricity with a fuel, they can listen to music, dance, drink and make friends.
* The lighthouse is one of the attractions of Poland. You can visit by day and climb to its highest point and see its machinery dating from the time he was inaugurated. Through a telescope to observe the Torres islands where sea lions are found in large numbers.

Isolated from the rest of the world, Cabo Polonio is one of those places where time seems to be stopped. The sea breeze, the constant breaking of waves on the rocks, white sand dunes, the wonderful sunsets and friendly people make the Cape a great place to contemplate nature and forget about metropolitan life.

Good Luck!

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