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Los Antiguos: rural roads in Argentina

domingo, julio 24th, 2011

This is a very sought after by the adventurous tourists who come to the southern part of Argentina. Many attractions await you in this place, where the icy southern waters show marine life in splendor, complemented with routes to explore.

Rural roads in Argentina

Strategic location:

Los Antiguos is part of the Route 40 corridor, which passes just 50 miles away, in the town of Perito Moreno. Also is 3 miles from the border crossing to Chile and from there visit the lagoon Jeinimeni, Chilean national reserve which can be accessed with tall vehicles. The scenery is stunning and is 60 kilometers from Los Antiguos. (más…)

Chilean Patagonia: Aysen southern route

miércoles, julio 20th, 2011

Region XI of Chile is an island within the country. In Chile, only accessible by water or air, from Puerto Montt leads the way Southern Highway. Woods, marble caves, fjords and glaciers.

Chilean Patagonia

Photography by thejourney1972 (South America «addicted»)

Thunder is heard, a block of ice from the glacier Montt, thousands of icebergs floating on the fjord and channel Baker, the river carries Bertrand cubic 900 thousand meters of clear water per second in Coyhaique rains, and a few millimeters in addition the 1,200 who fall each year, a new coigüe grows in the deciduous forest that covers the slopes of Cerro Castillo, the trout jumping in the calm turquoise lake Carrera. A normal day in the south of Aysen Region XI of Chile. (más…)

The New Adventures of Los Antiguos

lunes, julio 11th, 2011

The town, known by the fruit farms, now shaken with bike tours, abseiling and kayaking outings.

The huge turquoise lake mirror Buenos Aires and especially fertile ground in this corner of Santa Cruz burst into the arid Patagonian landscape monotonous with green curtains of poplars that define the fields that produce and export fine fruit. It is the southernmost place in Argentina where you can find late harvest of cherries. It is also an ideal place to combine relaxation and adventure.

Adventures of Los Antiguos

Photography by birasuegi

This is Los Antiguos, a town in northern Santa Cruz on the shores of Lake Buenos Aires and only 3 kilometers from the border with Chile. (más…)

The mysterious Nazca lines

martes, febrero 15th, 2011

Arriving in Lima, Peru. The tourist will find one of the most fascinating and mysterious found also in the south of Lima, this is the city of Ica. For this path we Paracas, Ica, then go through the devastated city of Pisco (that is, takes its name from the renowned drink), here you can still see houses destroyed after the earthquake shaking August 2007.

The mysterious the south of Lima

Photography by funkz

Ballestas Islands:

From a motor boat can move us to the rugged Ballestas Islands, a natural haven from which we can see all types of fauna of the marine ecosystem, including Humboldt penguins, sea lions, pelicans, cormorants and friendly dolphins, spotted the first of the mysterious Nazca lines: The Candlestick. (más…)

Winter sports in Kiruna

jueves, noviembre 18th, 2010

Kiruna is one of the largest cities in northern Sweden, and within the Arctic Circle. In this city to 17 hours by train from Stockholm, you can practice the experience of living in the North Pole.

Winter sports in Kiruna

Photography by Ruben Laguna

Given the geography of Kiruna, the city lives six months ago and six months of day, without respite. And if we add the characteristics of its climate, resulting in perpetual snow. You can practice all year for winter sports like skiing, riding a dog sled, snowmobile, among many other activities. (más…)

Travel and Adventure in La Angostura & Neuquen

domingo, febrero 28th, 2010

V° la Angostura. by Crisfer.

During the summer, the tourism asset is the fort of La Angostura, Neuquén’s beautiful villa immersed in two national parks (Nahuel Huapi and Los Myrtles) that sometimes, by the early twentieth century, envisioned a great visionary like Primo Capraro. Out of nowhere, this Italian immigrant (whose story captures in the book) «Notes of Correntoso» Yayo de Mendieta, this raised a sawmill in 1903 and almost 20 years later transformed the small board of Dona Rosa in a symbol of Patagonia hotel as is the luxurious Hotel Correntoso. Remodeled in 2003, this hotel is one of the biggest stars in the qualified offer of accommodation in this mountain village of 17 inhabitants, which has a total of about 4 thousand seats. (más…)

Chiapas: Adventure Sports in Mexico

lunes, febrero 2nd, 2009

Chiapas is one of the places and not only Mexico if not the world, with a great natural wealth, its rock formations, its canyons, waterfalls attracts every year thousands of tourists, this is one of the favorite destinations for a variety activities among which are:

River rafting:
This exciting activity is a major entertainment that can take place in Chiapas, the lovers of strong emotions cannot miss the opportunity to perform, to enjoy a scenic journey through waterfalls, enjoying the lush green paradise with this place has. One place where you can conduct this activity is the Rio La Venta Canyon located over 60 km west of Tuxtla Gutierrez. (más…)

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