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Whales off the coast of South Africa

jueves, enero 19th, 2012

On our trip to South Africa, one of the objectives was to see whales. One of the best places for whale watching and cetaceans in general, is the city of Hermosillo. Hermanus itself lies between Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope and Cape Aguilas (the southernmost point of Africa), without a couple of hours drive from Cape Town.

Whales off the coast of South Africa


Whales Coast of South Africa:

If you want to see whales, you should go to Hermanus near Gansbaai, of which more anon. This small town lives of tourists who come to see the whales. The best time for whale watching is between June and December. But in November where the whales have had their young and themselves closer to the coast. (más…)

Railway of Peru the most notable in the world

domingo, diciembre 11th, 2011

Railway is the highest in Latin America, reaching 4.8235 m above the sea level. Travels a distance of 346 km, between Lima and Huancayo journey takes 12 hours. The train crosses 41 bridges, 60 tunnels, including 13 switchbacks.

Railway of Peru

Photography by wallygrom

The Central Railway of Peru may be considered among the most notable railways of the world overcome the technical difficulties and the high level that comes up through the Andes. Starting from Callao up to the picturesque city of Huancayo in the central Andean region of Peru. The train is at 4781 meters over sea level.

Aspects of the trail: (más…)

Nature Park Travel Brañagallones Vega

miércoles, octubre 19th, 2011

The most visited place in the natural park of Networks, in Valle del Nalón of Asturias, is called Brañagallones Vega, a large meadow at the top of the mountains where many traditional huts concentrated livestock, which offers one of the landscapes the most beautiful park.

Valle del Nalón of Asturias

Photography by brunosan


From Brañagallones have the possibility of different hiking trails that run through the nearby marked peaks and bordering the province of Leon. (más…)

Adventures in Holbox Island in Mexico

jueves, julio 28th, 2011

Adventures in Holbox Island in Mexico and around

At 150 kilometers from Cancun, the small island of Holbox provides a great opportunity to vacation. It is easy to get to the island of Holbox, a backwater in the north of the Yucatan Peninsula, just on the opposite side of the famous sands of Cancun, Tulum and Playa del Carmen. But to reach this small village of sandy streets, bereft of cars, it takes a few seconds to realize that the journey was worth it in this town does not lose its fishing tradition.

Holbox Island

Photography by Šarunas Burdulis

Aspects of the island of Holbox:

Holbox is just 42 miles long and about 2 wide. Age, years ago, a place inhabited only by fishermen. Today, the boats are mixed in a picturesque beach with hotels eternal hidden among palm trees, hammocks, pelicans, gulls and palapas where you can enjoy the sunsets from micheladas (beer with lemon juice and salt) in a relaxed space, ideal for lowering change. (más…)

Mont Saint Michel: the enchanted island

jueves, julio 7th, 2011

In the middle of a bay, the medieval city of Mont Saint Michel surprises with its architecture and landscapes. It is the second tourist destination in France.

The second most visited tourist destination in France live less than 50 people. The rich architectural and natural beauty of this small island of less than 1,000 meters in circumference attention.

The city of Mont Saint Michel

Fotografía por ugo3ugo32001

Mont Saint Michel, is in the midst of a huge bay and surrounded by the biggest tides in Europe, is different from everything. Recognized as one of the most prestigious architecture of the Middle Ages and one of the most important centers of spirituality, is located in the region of Lower Normandy (on the border of Brittany), 360 km from Paris. (más…)

Argentina to exploring the Atlantic coast

martes, julio 5th, 2011

Argentina has its Atlantic Coast with 1,200 km of beaches to choose from. Led by Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires resorts are very refreshed. From the popular San Clemente del Tuyu to the refined Cariló.

The Atlantic coast

Photography by GAb GAbelich

Sea, sand dunes, sun and forests: the Atlantic coast of Buenos Aires is the preferred destination for Argentines when planning a vacation. Over 1,200 km of beaches, each tourist can find a spa for you. (más…)

Travel to El Salar de Uyuni

lunes, junio 27th, 2011

The heights and depths often protect some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet Earth. If to be astonished by the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, you have to compensate the pressure and the latent presence of some of the most deadly sea creatures, to feel in another dimension, the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is to give a little oxygen.

The Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

Phtography by DeFries

Bolivian altiplano lakes and the vast sea of Uyuni salt are undoubtedly the natural landscape in which I felt more Mars. The height dull our reflexes, moves us away from gravity, but also of precious oxygen and even with open eyes would not be surprised if we started hopping like Neil Armstrong, because these landscapes do not appear on this planet. (más…)

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