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Much to do in Los Angeles

lunes, agosto 29th, 2011

On the west coast of the United States, the mecca of the film industry has a Japanese neighborhood to discover, many offers fashion and renewal that pervades the downtown area.

Los Angeles

Photography by ertailara

Its size, scale, all the while on the highway make for many Los Angeles adopted only a pleasure. But that happens when visiting the center. Similar to New York in its density and mixture, the middle, broke a long time, has become an accessible and friendly destination for tourists in recent years. The people of this city is moving in masses, and really walk a lot. (más…)

Puerto Escondido in Mexico

miércoles, marzo 2nd, 2011

Puerto Escondido is one of the most tourist cities of the state of Oaxaca in Mexico. This place is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and is one of the favorite places for surfers, backpackers and young travelers from around the world who come to enjoy the great waves of the Pacific is in its beaches and surrounding areas.

Puerto Escondido

Photography by Jo Simon

Beaches in Puerto Escondido:

Puerto Escondido has three beaches, Playa Zicatela which is a long beach with magnificent waves breaking against the sand. Many experienced surfers come to this beach to be fitted to your table and make waves. It is suggested that no swimmer is not experienced in these turbulent waters of the Pacific, as it is a very dangerous beach and every year people die on this beach. (más…)

Tulum one of the wonders of Mexico

domingo, enero 16th, 2011

Tulum one of the wonders of Mexico

Tulum is one of the places of the Riviera Maya that still retains nearly its original beauty. This population (which has grown by millions of tourists who visit the area each year) and has only one street that corresponds to the main road (Ave. Tulum) that reaches Chetumal hostels can be found at reasonable prices, cheap eats and all kinds of souvenirs related to some Mexican crafts. But the beauty of Tulum is located on the beach and maybe in small Mayan ruins are one of the best postcards of the area.


Photography by Pete Sulick
The Beaches of Tulum:

The beaches of Tulum are one of the most spectacular and well cared for in the Riviera Maya as well as lonely, so whoever wants to be quiet unspoilt beach in the Caribbean, Tulum is the ideal place for these tourists. (más…)

Yellowstone: The oldest national park in the world

martes, junio 15th, 2010

Each year the park wear more than 2 million tourists who are attracted by geothermal phenomena such as geysers and hot springs. Most of Yellowstone National Park is located in Wyoming, United States, however lies a small part of its territory to neighboring states of Idaho and Montana.

Yellowstone Boardwalk

Photography by dicktay2000

Yellowstone is the oldest national park in the world. It was created in 1872 and has an area of 8983 sq km park is the second largest of the United States, behind Alaska. (más…)

Mexico DF: I first visited

miércoles, mayo 12th, 2010

Those who decide to visit Mexico City, Mexico City, you will notice that you are facing one of the strongest cities in America. This is one of the most populated in the world (ninth) and the second in Latin America (after Sao Paulo, Brazil). Thus, as in any world capital, thousands of proposals, which include the likes of everyone: for those who enjoy knowing the history of the place, looking for fun or those who simply want to enter a different culture. To do this, there is like having your five senses on alert and be carried by the momentum of the place.

Palacio de Bellas Artes

Photography by Esparta

With respect to when it is ideal to visit this capital, it must be clarified that, as throughout the country, the climate is excellent, mostly temperate all year round. However, during the months of June, July and until mid-December when there are more international tourism. (más…)

Montreal: All you need to see if you visit the Canadian city

martes, mayo 4th, 2010

Located in Quebec, Canada, the beautiful city of Montreal could be described as the perfect synthesis of island landscapes, friendly and educated population, culture, film and jazz, modern architecture and cobblestone, harbors and mountains, nature-filled day and night full of magic.

Montreal: All you need to see if you visit the Canadian city

Photography by Peter Shanks

Montreal offers every year about 80 festivals and events, among which are: the famous International Jazz Festival, the Grand Prix of Canada, the Night of Museums, the Telescope Show, the IglooFest, the Festival Voix d’Amériques and the list goes on, confirming that it is impossible to get bored in this city. (más…)

Canada: The many faces of Toronto

domingo, mayo 2nd, 2010

Toronto is the economic center of Canada is also one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the West, quite a surprise for the unwary traveler. From the colorful immigrant neighborhoods to the most modern architecture, there is too much to see.

All roads lead to Toronto

Fotografía por alexindigo

The CN Tower is a place that doubled in height to the loftiest skyscrapers of Downtown, so the visit allows a clear picture of how the city is displayed next to the huge Lake Ontario. The view is spectacular, but on windy days (which are rare) have to bear the giant swing, yes, it is noted that the tower moves. Fans, of course, can be installed in the floor of the revolving restaurant for between entry and dessert, have an impressive 360 ° panorama. (más…)

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