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Helsingor and the castle of Hamlet

jueves, septiembre 1st, 2011

Helsingør is located less than an hour’s drive north of Copenhagen, on the big island of Sjælland (Zealand) in Denmark. Helsingør is a sister city with the Swedish Helsingborg (Sweden), which is four miles off the coast of Helsingør (Denmark). I understood this distance and the ferries are full of Swedes when I saw the streets of Helsingor alcohol liquor stores offering prices «cheap». In short, cheaper than in Sweden.

The castle of Hamlet

Photography by jeaneeem


The two cities are in a strategic place in the Øresund step to control the entry and exit of ships of the Baltic Sea. And that is where stands a majestic fortress controls the Strait of Oresund, the castle of Kronborg. However, this castle is famous for being the castle of Elsinore in Shakespeare’s tragedy, Hamlet. (más…)

Visit the castles and fortresses of Great Britain I

martes, abril 5th, 2011

In this article, we discuss the visits to some of the most interesting castles and fortresses of Great Britain and Ireland. All have stories worth telling and trivia, so I promise an interesting read. We begin by the castles of the island of Great Britain.

Visit the castles

Photography by david.nikonvscanon

Human beings by nature are afraid of their neighbors, and therefore he always saw the need to guard against a possible invasion or external attack. This feeling is not new, and only defensive techniques have changed over time. Some examples include border surveillance systems using infrared cameras and the famous missile shield with which Reagan wanted to shield the U.S. in the 80. But the old method of building walls and build strong force has continued to this day. (más…)

The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

lunes, diciembre 27th, 2010

The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the most beautiful tombs of antiquity.

Halicarnassus (now Bodrum), is a city in Asia Minor which was refounded by Mausolus (353-377 BC), a satrap of the Persian Empire that, while it challenged in the revolt of the priests along with other leaders of the region, knew also return to «order» as Artaxerxes III regained control of the situation and it got ugly for the insurgents.

The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

Photography by bazylek100

Mausolus was the son of Hecatomnus, an aristocrat who had obtained in the year 392 BC the satrap of Caria (southwestern Turkey today) at the hands of Artaxerxes II. Little is known of the youth of Mausolus, but is pretty sure he met the Spartan king Agesilaus II. (más…)

Lübeck, a walk through medieval Germany

lunes, noviembre 8th, 2010

Lübeck was the capital of the Hanseatic League for centuries, and is part of the list of sites declared World Heritage by UNESCO. It is one of the few German cities that survived the massive bombing of the Second World War, and «only» 20% of the town center was wiped off the map. This is due to become the logistics center of the Red Cross during the war, and therefore was more respected than other cities that were not so lucky, like Cologne or Frankfurt. Anyway, if you visit the cathedral (Dom) and the Church of Marienkirsche, see photo exhibitions where we show the degree of blight that caused the bombing on them, and the arduous task of reconstruction.

Lübeck, a walk through medieval Germany

Photography by

Located in the state of Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany, Lübeck is the last major town before reaching the border with Denmark. Situated on the banks of the Trave, the river with the largest German port of the Baltic Sea and one of the largest in Europe. But if anything stands out Lübeck is one of the most beautiful medieval towns of the continent. (más…)

Majestic castles of Ireland

miércoles, julio 28th, 2010

Ireland is a land of castles, are one of its greatest identifying witnesses of great events of history, legendary battles and events that have happened in the light of the centuries. In almost every county can find an Irish castle. Whether visiting the ancient ruins of ancient castles, or staying in one of those who have been converted into five star hotels, castles of Ireland pay tribute to the people of other times. The list of castles is as follows:

Dunluce Castle

Photography by Effervescing Elephant

Trim Castle: (más…)

Medieval castles in Scotland

lunes, julio 26th, 2010

Scotland is one of the most recognized throughout the world. Their habits are often represented in different ways. For example, is no stranger to see a Scottish kilt with its typical, what is commonly referred to as a kilt, playing bagpipes. And is that music plays a very important is his well-known is the whiskey, a drink now completely international.

Medieval castles in Scotland

Photography by Paul Stevenson

However, one of the things that attracts people from around the world are medieval castles that often coexist with large lakes and forests to build a truly exceptional and unique landscape. (más…)

Monuments and Castles of Germany

viernes, julio 16th, 2010

Monuments and Castles of Germany

For its historical and cultural roots, Germany is full of monuments and castles that commemorate events, celebrate events or characters extol the memory of its history.

Monuments and Castles of Germany

Photography by Wolfgang Staudt

In the capital, Berlin, Berliner Dom Cathedral is the most impressive structure in the city. Located in the Alexander Platz was built in the second half of the nineteenth century. It was damaged during World War II bombing so that the city suffered, but has been restored. You can visit free, although a museum in which you must pay to enter.

The Old Museum in Berlin, is a structure built in 1830. It is the oldest museum in the city and initially housed the art collection of Friedrich Wilhelm III. It currently has an Egyptian flag. (más…)

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