Harlingen and the history of the lighthouse

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Harlingen and the history of the lighthouse

Here at this point in the Netherlands, people always love to hear and tell their story. Each of us have actually always, and very special. In Harlingen, a charming fishing village on the north coast of Holland. Well this place is the target which we will discuss today.

The Netherlands

Photography by cocoinzenl


In Harlingen, a picturesque corner of the northern lands Dutch with about 16,000 inhabitants, is also known for its salt refining industry, brought from a few centuries ago (about mid-seventeenth century), the distant land of Spain and Portugal. There is not much material about it, just a picture hanging on the walls of the current village hall, the stories have been told about it here and passed on from generation to generation. It is very nostalgic and romantic thing to be for the cobbled streets of this cold picturesque little town.

It is February and the wind chill is minus 10 degree heat on the street. Inside the houses, whose inner life is seen through a huge window with no curtains, where the Dutch seem not to notice the cold.

Harlingen Lighthouse

Photography by cookipediachef

Harlingen Lighthouse:

Harlingen was declared a UNESCO cultural heritage of the ancestor in June year, of which all the locals are very proud. One of the bells in the Main Street building was a gift of Philip II, as a kind of offering to the nationality of «the Spanish journalists.» This long time ago.

Skating on the frozen canals of Hindeloopen:

A mere 20 miles of Harlingen is the small village of Hindeloopen, also settled in the Wadden Sea coast and known for its excellent skaters and one of the eleven cities in a famous Elfstadentocht skating competition as a route joins eleven cities through their channels, this event is always held in the Netherlands (where weather conditions permit) that is, when the ice channel reaches a thickness of more than six inches for ten consecutive days. You need that time (and cold) to enable accompany implementation of this strange festival, which attracts international press and professional skaters from all over the world.

The north coast of Holland

Photography by inyucho

In the heart of this picturesque place is the Museum of Roller Skating, located in the interior of a typical Dutch house. After crossing the threshold of the front door, you can make a trip back in time to the past of a century ago when he began the Elfstadentocht (something like «the path of the 11 cities», in Dutch) and enjoy this genuine passion for the Dutch who, as we have for them skating is a sport like football so important to the Spanish.

1997 was the last year in which this route took place, going through channels skid the eleven cities including Harlingen and Hindeloopen. Since 1909, held the first competition (the winner was Minne Hoekstra) 13 celebrations have taken place, each in alternate years, except 1985-1986, years when the ice conditions and low temperatures allowed for the competition in consecutive years. Although it is always very cold in the region of Friesland, it is still early to know if there will be lucky this year and will resume Elfstadentocht after 14 years of silence.

Good luck!

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