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Travel to the municipality of Frigiliana

domingo, agosto 28th, 2011

Travel to the municipality of Frigiliana – «The Jewel of Axarquia».

Most visitors to the Costa del Sol, stay on the western side of the coast with the famous towns of Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola and Marbella. However, east of Malaga to the area known as the Axarquia, well worth the effort. The best known resource on this side of the coast is Nerja, but if you travel a few miles inland Frigiliana is reached, the undisputed jewel of the area.


Photography by Romtomtom

Arriving at the town hall of Frigiliana:

Coming from the direction of Malaga, in the highway N-340, take exit 292 marked Nerja / Frigiliana, then turn inside MA105 Frigiliana. (más…)

Cartagena Stories and legends

lunes, junio 20th, 2011

The layout of Cartagena escapes a little to the Renaissance conception of straight streets that did have their contemporary sisters like Havana and Panama City. Alleys abound then not quite regular, of which apples are asymmetric and unresolved cross streets at right angles. This irregularity adds charm to a city with buildings and houses amalgam American colonial styles, Baroque, Renaissance, neoclassical and Moorish Andalusia.


Photography by Ben Bowes

Originally, the street names all correspond to saints and virgins, as indicated in each corner with signs of clay that were later replaced by plates of polished marble with floral letters that last until today. The funny thing is that the name of each street was changed several times over the centuries, as the events occurred. And those changes can be traced some of the most fascinating stories from around the colonial Caribbean. (más…)

Travel Añihue Reserve in Chile

viernes, junio 10th, 2011

In southern Chile, a natural reserve of 10 000 hectares are poised to consolidate the next trend in travel, tourism and conservation mix. Therefore, supporting scientists who study and care of their biodiversity. And one, of course, may be part of that process.

Añihue Reserve in Chile

Photography by Seo2 | Por Puro Amor Al Rap

Exit from Quellón brings more than eight hours. We must reach Añihue, a little known nature reserve located right in the mouth of the River Palena, with 10 thousand hectares practically full of fjords, bays, forests, mountains, birds, seals, dolphins, whales. But first you have to reach Raul Marin Balmaceda, a tiny town that is rarely seen in the map and that (says the story) is named after a Chilean senator who died of a heart attack during a session in Congress, the fifties. (más…)

End of year tours in Germany

miércoles, abril 20th, 2011

Many are tourists who like to make year-end tourism in Europe, so by the uniqueness of their environment, celebration or way to celebrate the holidays this year. Here we present a proposal to take into account the German nation.

End of year tours in Germany

Photography by roger4336


Heidelberg may be one of our first stops and is one of the most beautiful in the middle of Germany, where the historic center is dominated by an impressive bridge and interesting tour of the philosophers to capture photos of the valley where he was the former Heidelberg and where there is now the Old Town and the University. (más…)

What to see in Amsterdam? – Part II

sábado, abril 16th, 2011

The attractions of Dam Square have not yet finished, on the south side we have the Madam Tussauds Museum. A highly recommended activity for young and old. This is the wax museum in the city. The tour begins with a giant who tells the story of Holland and after the speech to a room where we ran into some dolls whose realism is impressive. Then comes the passage of terror, not suitable for young or faint of heart and I assure you is serious. Is very successful. After the scares get what we all hope, celebrities everywhere. Make time because the minute you pass like seconds.

Amsterdam History

Photography by james.

Once entered into the cultural world (más…)

Travel Guide to Amsterdam

viernes, agosto 20th, 2010

Travel to Holland and discover all its charms, is why many travelers every year come to this country, but the other issue is at what restaurant to eat? What to eat? What means of transport to use? Where to go shopping? So we’ve prepared for today a guide to get a better idea how to get and know about aspects of the city of Amsterdam. These points are:

Travel Guide to Amsterdam

Photography by stephenrwalli

For an appetizer we started with a minor as «bitterballen» (bitter balls), a kind of fried cheese croquettes, which often accompanies the beer or coffee as a snack. Amsterdam is also known for having the best Turkish and Indonesian restaurants in Europe. Amsterdam is home to many innovative restaurant trends. (más…)

The qualities of a first class hotel

domingo, mayo 16th, 2010

To choose the good way first-class hotel best suited to the needs that motivate the room, a good tip is to analyze carefully the relationship between the qualities and advantages of the hotel with regard to the requirements of the journey and the means to develop it. Must be established, then, a perspective from the broader aspects of the accommodation to the smallest details but significant:

Skydive Vietnam, Vinpearl hotel pool and beach

Photography by divemasterking2000

Good location:

Must first consider whether the hotel in question is located in a village near the varied routes and in good condition, such as highways, rail routes or nautical routes. The next step is to inspect the location of the hotel in the city that we intended to visit. It is clear that it is near the airport, tourist service offices and malls to get food or any item that is necessary. (más…)

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