Tourism in the Lombardy region: sun or cold?

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FORTE DI BARD VALLE D'AOSTA por francesco_43.

Let us be on time and on the map. Lombardy is an Italian place located north of the country. And it’s one of the six areas that build the Italian Alps. The other five members are: Valle d’Aosta, Piedmont, Trentino. Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Of these sites, the ground is holding Lombard better odds of snow and skiers get more tourists each season.

Lombardy tracks also occupy large spaces in the lists that are made to reward the best land sliding. Is that Lombardy is a motif that highlights the geography of the rest. It is divided into three zones: a mountaintop to the north, a hilly area in the center, and a flat area to the south. This means that the region is a gradient of relief.

Lake Maggiore, Lombardy:

Lombardy is a region fully prepared to receive tourists in winter. Its offering includes apartments, accommodation for skiers and ski passes in each of their tracks. Those who choose this city named for skiing among his qualities, the lonely mountains, vast grassland and forest land.

Tourism in the Lombardy region

However, erring on innocent if we decided to present this region only as a winter tourist destination, ideal for skiing. Not that it is not, of course. We told the truth by naming the site as the best field of snow, but we have left out many places. Corners that are generally more advisable to visit in summer. Let’s start then. And if you start a tour is we can not avoid the importance of Milan, the capital. Birthplace of history and the most glamorous fashion. Adored around the world for global capital condition of clothing and style.

Very close from there you can enter the town of Stresa. Small site located on the banks of Lake Maggiore, an excellent destination for anyone wishing to enjoy the tranquility of a warm, beautiful, flowers and kind. One of its biggest attractions is the privileged view from there is of mountains and Borromean Island, with the Isola Bella, Isola Madre and the Isle dei Pescatori. It also highlights the construction of its most important buildings which are of neoclassical style, located in the eighteenth century.

Now tourists can turn around and come face to Lake Maggiore, the largest in the country. This is very common to see local citizenship and water sports tourism venture. It had been observed since Stressa but now you can see from a close-up: Barromeo Islands. And not just looking, but also navigate (if summer) on board a charter boat.

Palazzo Barromeo - Lake Maggiore, Italy por waynedunlap.

Each island has its charm, and each has a heritage / cultural. They say the prettiest is the Isola Bella (as its name suggests), and its baroque-style palace is inescapable in a visit there.

Plaza in Genoa, Lombardy:

Its most peculiar magic gives it its small towns environment. It is known as the most Mediterranean of the Alpine Lakes of Italy. Here you can also practice sports, excursions and participate in local festivals organized in the villages of influence, such as: Desenzano. There may also visit sites of medieval castles, baroque churches and Roman settlements.

Now is the arrival in Pavia, a major city which used to be capital of the Kingdom of Italy. Several of its monuments and buildings that account for past magnificence. To name: the church San Pietro, San Teodoro, Coperto Bridge and the Civic Museum.

It is time to describe the simple beauty of the city and the lake. A rustic village houses surrounding the lake and, in some instances, that simplicity is overshadowed by the palaces, sculptures and fountains. The lake has a history as many of the popular legends of writers and philosophers inspired located on its shores and writing. It is said also that has a star with three points.

Monza is one of the sites can be visited in the region. Its main attraction is the Grand Prix car race held annually there. Many more are the cities that we should walk in Lombardy. But to know the physical and soul of each, we would need much longer. We still pending Bergamo, Brescia, Torino, Verona, Genoa, Parma, Modena and Bologna.

Villa Toeplitz por _tiz_.

This time both sides met in Lombardy: the profile of cold and the sun profile. The best snow in the world (ideal for skiing) and the most glamorous and cultural region of Italy.

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