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Punta Uva, Cocles and other beautiful beaches near Puerto Viejo

martes, noviembre 1st, 2011

In the vicinity of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, in the Southern Caribbean of Costa Rica, you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in the country … and the world. Very near the town of Puerto Viejo itself you are black beach of great scenic beauty and has the black sand, a unique peculiarity in the area.

Punta Uva

Photography by jiangkeren

Aspects of place:

In Playa Cocles, Playa Chiquita and Punta Uva, three, six and nine miles, respectively, of Puerto Viejo, on the road to Manzanillo, you can enjoy the idyllic images, with sand beaches shaped by silky, crystal clear waters and green palm trees stand a few meters from the sea. (más…)

Sumidero Canyon in Chiapas

sábado, enero 22nd, 2011

The Sumidero Canyon is a spectacular canyon in the Grijalva River and that a dozen kilometers from the capital of Chiapas, Txutla Gutiérrez.

Sumidero Canyon

Photography by eduardo.robles

Sumidero Canyon walls in Chiapas:

The geological history of the place tells us that the origin of these towering walls (in places, with a height of 900 meters) occurred in the Pleistocene due to a fault. Although we note that a few years ago, the Grijalva River (one of the largest in Mexico) for over a river in Chiapas was fast and furious, but the construction of a series of hydroelectric plants allowed the river could visit by boat (there is a depth of 400 meters walking distance from the central Manuel Moreno Torres, and so that the barrel would become a major tourist center of the state of Chiapas. (más…)

Walking in The Moskitia, «Little Amazon» Honduran I

sábado, enero 15th, 2011

Walking in The Moskitia, «Little Amazon» Honduran I

The Moskitia is located south of Honduras, near the border with Nicaragua. Most of this territory is protected tropical rain forest as a biosphere reserve. This whole area of wilderness and unspoiled jungle area is more unknown and unexplored North American hemisphere.

The Moskitia

Photography by

The Moskitia holds many secrets, not only in inaccessible territory, but also in the legends of his people and even the origin of its name. Then explain some tips and information to make a tour of the Biosphere Reserve Rio Platano, where the river of the same name. (más…)

Places to visit in Panama

viernes, junio 25th, 2010

Panama is a cosmopolitan center where you can enjoy all kinds of amenities and has an advanced infrastructure. Panama City is located on the Gulf of Panama in the Pacific Ocean, east of the mouth of the Panama Canal.

Panama city from the sky

Photography by dsasso

Panama is an amazing city for its cultural diversity, scenic, historical, tourist, sport and strategic position. The latter result should be a lot of historical and economic factors, since the discovery of the Pacific Ocean by Balboa Basque until the construction of the Panama Canal, engineering work is unique in the world that links the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean only 80 km. (más…)

Panama: A modern country with Caribbean roots

martes, marzo 2nd, 2010

This mixture nation’s natural wonders, technological advances and strong historical and cultural background. One of its strengths is the variety of ecotourism and the possibility of seeing wildlife species in their natural habitat. The Republic of Panama is unique and unrepeatable, so by having in its territory the connection between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, as well as natural beauty, beaches and indigenous people that are combined with advanced cities. (más…)

Panama: beaches, diving, volcanoes and wildlife

sábado, diciembre 19th, 2009

Pacific Ocean por Gaby Maldonado.

The tourist destination of Panama is described by many visitors as a friendly place that offers plenty of beaches and tropical rainforest full of wildlife. Bordered by Colombia and Costa Rica, Panama has two oceans along the coasts of the Caribbean Sea which is in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean its geography includes a thirty percent of the country consists of national parks and reserves natural. (más…)

Guatemala: A lot to discover!

jueves, octubre 22nd, 2009

Guatemala: A lot to discover!

Now in the section on Monday: countries, speaking of the traditional Republic of Guatemala, known worldwide simply as «Guatemala», many know of it through news, music, Ricardo Arjona, the writer Miguel Angel Asturias, Nobel Laureate literature to the Peace Prize, Rigoberta Menchú, the guerrillas, well, many might be the cultural topics of this country. But today encompass all the information to give each one of the readers an overview of this Republic. And especially with the intention to enlarge the possibilities to travel and see some traditional tourist stops, as long as we think about travel and vacation, that comes to mind: Europe, well this will open our vistas and discover that in America there are still things to go and learn. (más…)

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