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Marrakech – 5 views essential in the Medina

miércoles, octubre 12th, 2011

In your tourist trip to Marrakech in Morocco, when visiting the old Medina is best «lost» between the cluster of streets in order to discover its beautiful places and experience the great atmosphere there all day.


Photography by Fran Villena (villano)

However, in order to maximize the visit from the tourism point of view and not miss the most prominent corners, you should know what are the essential visits within the walls of the Medina of Marrakech.

Then, from my point of view, I show you 5 essential visits to the Medina of Marrakech.

Jemaa El Fna in Marrakech in Morocco: (más…)

Getting to Wembley Stadium in London

domingo, mayo 29th, 2011

Wembley Stadium is a football stadium in London, in the northwest of the city, specifically in London Borough of Brent. The renovated stadium opened in 2007 and designed by Foster and Partners (Norman Foster Company), replacing the old Wembley stadium was built in 1923 known for its twin towers. This year, Wembley Stadium will host the final of Champions League football 2011 between Barcelona and Manchester United. If you travel to London to see the end or you want to visit the legendary stadium renovated but you can reach using public transportation.

Wembley Stadium

Fotografía por Matthew Black

Wembley Stadium will host the qualifying matches and the football final of the 2012 London Olympics. (más…)

Visit to El Escorial Spain

miércoles, marzo 30th, 2011

Just 45 miles northeast of Madrid, visiting El Escorial or rather the Real Sitio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial, a matter required if you are visiting Madrid and appreciate things like art, architecture or have interest History.

El Escorial Spain

Photography by Rob Shenk

El Escorial World Heritage monument since 1984, was built by King Philip II and was the political center of the Spanish empire, and their residence. It was where Philip II organized his palace and library as well as its pantheon, that of his parents, Emperor Charles I and Isabella of Portugal, and their families and successors, and he built a great basilica and founded a monastery. (más…)

There a Chamber Beneath the Sphinx

viernes, febrero 25th, 2011

Since ancient times has been speculating on the possibility of a chamber beneath the Great Sphinx of Giza.

«Before they (the pyramids of Giza) is the Great Sphinx, which deserves more admiration than these if possible and instead has quietly been ignored by the Egyptians since ancient times. The inhabitants of the region considered a goddess, and are of the opinion that Horemjeb Pharaoh (1307-1292 BC) was buried in [Book 36 XVII]”.

There a Chamber Beneath the Sphinx

Photography by Ana Paula Hirama

It was Edgar Cayce, (más…)

How to haggle prices in Morocco

jueves, enero 27th, 2011

How to haggle prices in Morocco

Haggling is an art, so that some cultures are more entrenched than others, in some countries it is easier to buy a product than in other astronomical prices they are asking for a decorative article may not be able to locate anywhere in your home or You can only give to more distant relative. For this reason prior to travel is interesting to know how to trade in the country you are visiting, to learn what practices have before buying anything and how the game of haggling and negotiations to not be any shock or even be little respect vendors.

How to haggle prices in Morocco

Photography by Wrote

Tips on ordering discount on purchases:

If you are interested in purchasing any product, you can let yourself be seduced by the Moroccan shopkeepers, listen, let you display the products, but do not ask prices. Basically do not waste time if the sellers are not going to buy anything because they get very angry and understand that if you ask the price you buy. When you come to enter the store, with a simple answer that you are not interested at all, the sellers will stroll through the store will not bother you, but some will try to convince. (más…)

Bordeaux Wine Route

jueves, enero 13th, 2011

Bordeaux Wine Route

Without doubt one of the most popular wine routes. The Bordeaux vineyards occupy the largest area of vineyards in France and in them you can enjoy a wide variety of quality wines. For two thousand years these lands have been fine wines and have drawn the landscape of the region. So, not surprisingly, also much of the area’s tourism industry has grown under the culture of wine, which each year attracts thousands of tourists, especially in autumn, during the time of harvest.

Bordeaux of the most popular wine routes

Photography by Megan Mallen

To discover these lands and their wines, there are five routes full of charm and surprises that will make us enjoy the trip with the sight, taste and smell: Médoc, Saint-Emilion, and Bourgeais Blayais, Grave and Sauternes yl’Entre- Deux-Mers. (más…)

Hiking and scuba diving in Corsica

miércoles, noviembre 10th, 2010

To enjoy Corsica, the best time is outside the high season. The island is much nicer without the crowds and also the temperatures are also more pleasant than during the hot summer months.

Hiking and scuba diving in Corsica

Photography by CdePaz

The island fell in love since ancient as the Greeks saw it called it ‘Kallisté’, the most sublime, the French are not far behind and called Ile de Beauté. This mix of cultures, joined the Corsican language, an officer in the island next to France, which is reminiscent of Tuscany and also many variants of place names immortalized which was once the greatness Genoese in the Mediterranean. (más…)

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