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Social networks for free travel

martes, noviembre 9th, 2010

No need to save for years to travel the world. He was born a new way to share resources and interests and social networks that are found to travel. It is without doubt the best way to travel free while living a much more comprehensive and integrated in the country you visit. Networks are spanning five continents, just need a bit of curiosity, interest in learning about other cultures and be willing to be generous as others are with you.

Social networks for free travel

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We selected some of the networks that are emerging under Internet and that open new doors to travel at minimum cost (if you know of others, do not hesitate to share) because these networks are based on this principle, as we are, the more we have to offer. (más…)

Tips for booking hotels online

jueves, mayo 13th, 2010

We will propose ten points of interest to take them into consideration when making online reservations for lodging. Not a matter to be taken lightly, beyond what could be considered at a glance. Even the consequences of not addressing in a good way of technological tools such as online reservations, tourist businesses that handle, it can affect travel plans.

Tips for booking hotels online

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Three valuable perspectives to choose a hotel: (más…)

Travelling on long flights – Tips

viernes, abril 17th, 2009

2 days ago my sister was travelling from Lima to Norway, the latter is where the country is for 3 years and I am tired of only hearing about the trip was 16 hours. This connecting Lima to Holland and thence to Norway. Well apart from dedicating this post to share it with friends as passengers will have a similar experience in some of his travels through the world.

Economy class travel for 5, 7 or 10 continuous hours is exhausting. Sometimes making fun bags, check our flights arriving on time, make calls rigor, among others, we forget about preparing to spend many hours sitting in an airplane. (más…)

Reserves online – Rafaelhoteles

miércoles, junio 11th, 2008

Rafaelhoteles of spain it modernizes its page Web with one more a present and modern image. Our hotels have a style of their own, where guests will discover an outstanding ambience with notable collections of contemporary art exhibited in each one. Likewise, if you are in business trip, family or cultural travel, as Madrid, Barcelona orBaquiera, they posses an offer of entertainment and leisure so wide to do of your visit a pleasant memory. (más…)

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