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Summer dream in Argentina: Hotels in Mar del Plata Glamour

lunes, mayo 24th, 2010

Argentina is a truly wonderful tourist destination has grown in popularity among tourists in recent years. This country in particular is characterized by having within its territory, a large number of landscapes and climates different, but one of the biggest attractions of the same, are the coastal towns.

Hotel Costa Galana

The greatest growth in the field of tourism, Argentina has experienced in recent times began in 2001 and has continued until today, since the devaluation of Argentina’s currency against the dollar and the euro is very important, making it is a very cheap destination for international tourists. (más…)

Villa Traful: Located in a charming atmosphere of Argentina

domingo, febrero 21st, 2010

Villa Traful por Elton Melo.

The landscape and atmosphere of Villa Traful make it a special place to go and get carried away by the many sensations that are present. The villa is ideal for various activities, including hiking, windsurfing, parasailing and even scuba diving.

Located south of the province of Neuquen on the southern coast of Lake Traful, this quiet tourist village of 500 inhabitants covering 620 hectares which is located within the Nahuel Huapi National Park, 100 km from Bariloche and 400 km from the city of Neuquén. He can be reached from Routes No. 65 and No. 231 (Seven Lakes Corridor). (más…)

Chile and thermal waters

jueves, diciembre 3rd, 2009

El Tatio geysers, Chile por Phil Marion.

Since Chile has great geographic faults and high geothermal activity has numerous hot springs, which makes it one of the options to visit and rural tourism, these emanations from simple warm up geysers of boiling water which are exploited as tourist resort which has been implemented from simple to elegant spa facilities five-star spa resorts. (más…)

Hotels in Peru

lunes, noviembre 9th, 2009

Below are some hotels in Peru, where you can make hotel reservations in Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Arequipa, and thus enjoy a wonderful stay in this beautiful country.

Hotels in Lima: (Lima Hotels 5 Stars)

Miraflores Park Hotel
Luxury hotel has 81 suites with an excellent layout, offering ideal space for work and leisure. Spacious marble and granite bathrooms, king size beds, air conditioning and heating, cabinets, event halls equipped with the best communications technology (faxes, two phone lines, data port, internet access and PC on request) and a splendid ocean view. (más…)

Accommodations in Patagonia

viernes, septiembre 25th, 2009

Cycle Tour of Chile & Argentina 4-27 por velodenz.

The first thing we consider when starting a trip once we get the tickets is accommodation. In an article about Patagonia Argentina developed the charms and attractions of the place, with this note we will add the missing ingredient to organize the trip: accommodations for all tastes and budgets. (más…)

Traveling to Montevideo and Carmelo – Uruguay

domingo, septiembre 20th, 2009

Plaza Fabini (Del Entrevero) por gusuval.

Montevideo was born and grew as a port city, lies on the banks of the Rio de la Plata. And has that combination of city, beach, sun and urban move. Tourism is the order of the day and is a place to visit at any time of year.

The tour begins with the classic boardwalk, it connects us to the spa zone. The boardwalk is calling Franklin Roosevelt and runs through the Old City, the Mercado del Puerto and some older buildings. Later renamed Promenade 25 August and cuts all streets in the downtown who die in it. After skirting a small peninsula, it changes again its name to the promenade France, which will later be called Promenade Promenade Great Britain and then Argentina. On this tour come together tourists, locals, and all who pass through Montevideo both winter and summer. On the side of the beach in summer is filled with people going to enjoy the sun all day until late and by the Uruguayan workers who go there when she finishes her workday. There are also people who opt for water activities like windsurfing, canoeing and kayaking. (más…)

Lençóis – The Oasis of Brazil

miércoles, mayo 13th, 2009

National Park Lençóis Maranhenses is located in Northeast Brazil in the state of Maranhão. The landscape resembles a desert, with dunes up to 40 meters tall and beautiful green and blue lagoons that make up an incredible landscape.
The park has a total area of 1,550 sq. km. (382.850 acre). There are dunes, all carved by the wind caused by the coming and going of the tides. Despite its desert aspect, Lençóis Maranhenses recorded an annual rainfall of 1600 (ie, 62.9 inches). All that water is reduced and marked during the rainy season from January to June.
From July to December is the dry period, when dozens of drainage ponds are totally or partially filled. The miracle of this story lies in the fact that when the ponds fill up again, life comes back. Fish, crustaceans and turtles reappear as if they had never left the place. For the visit, the best time of year runs from May to October, when natural pools. (más…)

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