Tiger Martin Garcia Island a place to miss the World

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This unique island, which is located in the Rio de la Plata to the north of Buenos Aires, saves a lot of history and nature and is awaiting a visit. Tourism is often much passing by one or two days and add to your travel this journey that above all it is very interesting.

From Buenos Aires to the north you find the port of Tigre from where the barges out to the islands. To make this the ideal trip is to spend two to three days, although you can also opt for a stay, when you make the trip to Buenos Aires coordinate to make the trip to the island. Also access the island from Uruguay since it is the same distance from both countries, so if you make a trip to Montevideo or Punta del Este, for example, You can also hook this way.

Martin Garcia Island was discovered in 1516 by Juan Diaz de Solis and gave it this name in honor of his charge dead buried there. The company that made the trip to the island is Cacciola, if you decide to make the trip one day they will prepare in the run to make the visit on the day. In this case, the service includes guide service, reception, lunch with free holder, drink and dessert. The boat leaves from the terminal located in the Tiger Cacciola, leaves at 8 pm. and returns at 17 pm. If you are staying two or three days would be ideal that there are cabins, campsites and lodges.

The sites can tour and excursions to perform are: William Brown Plaza Civic Center: the square is typical of the place, passed almost obligatory, to one side is the Civic Center where the mail and all offices administratively.

Historical Museum: there are weapons of war, photographs, period paintings, personal objects of historical characters, an interesting place to learn and internalize a bit about the history of the place.

House physicians Lazareto: it worked until 1915 in response to European immigrants. Doctors work there fighting epidemics.

Lighthouse: The lighthouse is classic and impalpable another point to visit was built in 1881 as President Julio Argentino Roca. Currently not working.

Park to the Heroes: Here is concentrated the most varied flora and fauna of the island and the name was because it was directed to the heroes of the era and built the Monument to the Heroes “. There was also signed the Treaty of Rio de la Plata signed in 1974 between Uruguay and Argentina.

During your stay on the island you will find the most diverse flora and fauna. There are from deer to otters, snakes and lizards. There are also birds of many colors and the white heron, and carolero biguá.

People live all year on this island between nature and water around it. It is important to note that there is very little mobile signal so it may not be able to communicate with your phone from there. For anything you need payphones. As far as food is concerned, there are places that make barbecue, bakery, very old and classic place where all production is homemade and made on the same day. On the other hand, so you have a reference price that’ll tell you if the visit is for one day you’ll need about 30 USD all inclusive (travel, food, visits to different places), if you’re staying two days you have to calculate 70 USD.

The two options to get here are: the plane or boat, if the return is made by the second alternatively be able to watch the sunset on the horizon is an incredible show where you will find looking at the immensity with no building you cover or obstruct the view. At this point it usually happens that all passengers are shocked watching and there is complete silence until the sun ends down.

The reserve was declared a Nature Reserve, although an inherited natural resource was also an area impacted by human action. Today is encountering some problems which must lead every day: waste that pulls people of all kinds such as plastics, batteries, etc.. Currently have launched various mechanisms to counteract these problems.

With all this information and you will find ready and prepared to start planning your visit to the exciting Isla Martin Garcia, do you enjoy!

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