Summer dream in Argentina: Hotels in Mar del Plata Glamour

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Argentina is a truly wonderful tourist destination has grown in popularity among tourists in recent years. This country in particular is characterized by having within its territory, a large number of landscapes and climates different, but one of the biggest attractions of the same, are the coastal towns.

Hotel Costa Galana

The greatest growth in the field of tourism, Argentina has experienced in recent times began in 2001 and has continued until today, since the devaluation of Argentina’s currency against the dollar and the euro is very important, making it is a very cheap destination for international tourists.

Undoubtedly, the most popular seaside resort and most important country of which we speak is the city of Mar del Plata, as it not only boasts some of the most beautiful beaches and landscapes of the country, but also has with all the necessary infrastructure to host and maintain entertained tourists who visit during your stay.

Hotels in Mar del Plata are varied each other in terms of type, price and quality, so that any tourist who comes to this wonderful coastal town with no difficulty find a hotel that perfectly suits their tastes, needs and economic possibilities.

We must also bear in mind that Mar del Plata, in addition to all that he has naturally such as beaches, cliffs, hot weather, etc., Is a city that annually invests millions of dollars in entertainment of all kinds, especially theater and magazines making the field of entertainment that the city offers, is very large, varied and high quality.

Hotel Costa Galana:

Costa Galana Hotel is one of the most glamorous hotels across the city. The same works in an impressive building, which is just across the sea, so the views from most rooms, this is really wonderful.

This huge and very luxurious hotel has a total of 186 rooms, including 45 suites are highlighted. Each and every one of the Costa Galana Hotel rooms are decorated in a luxurious and serene style, which are well equipped with state of the market such as mini bar, safe, internet connection, stereo, cable TV, telephone, etc..

Facilities at the hotel can highlight your spa and beauty and relaxation room with sea view.

Sheraton Mar del Plata Hotel:

This is a wonderful hotel that is located in a strategic place because although it is somewhat outside the center of the city, it is very close to many sights for tourists, combining tranquility with entertainment very interesting.

Hotels in Mar del Plata Glamour

As with the leading hotels of the city of Mar del Plata, Mar del Plata Sheraton Hotel is located right on the ocean, offering its guests some stunning views from the windows of their rooms.

Of course, this hotel has all modern facilities in its rooms and facilities with some very interesting, but the highlight of it is the architecture of the building in which it operates, which stands out for having a kind of immense bow ship.

Hermitage Hotel:

This, undoubtedly, is the most glamorous hotel in the city. It is a classic building that appears on most postcards of the city in question.

Summer dream in Argentina

The Hermitage Hotel is characterized as an ideal for all types of tourists, since it has all the facilities and amenities necessary for guests to be entertained at all times and not feel any need, and also features conference rooms fully equipped, is located near the airport and bus station, making it also ideal for those traveling on business.

Everything can be found in these hotels is a luxurious full of glamor.

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