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Rural lodging Villa de Ayora offers the following activities to you during your stay. Also we offer additional information to you on other alternative activities (routes in bicycle, senderismo, excursions, strolls to horse, etc.) that will be able to make while your stay lasts. During the months of July, August, September and October, on Monday through Friday, also your can participate in the guided routes organized by the office of tourism of Ayora 961890658.

Activity’s and Excursions
03/09/2009 Tomorrow It visits the Cave of Don Juan
03/09/2009 Behind schedule Route by the old helmet, hermitages and church of Ayora
04/09/2009 Tomorrow It visits the Iberian Town of the Castellar of Mecca
04/09/2009 Behind schedule Canoe and piragüismo
17/09/2009 Tomorrow It visits the Cave of Don Juan
17/09/2009 Behind schedule Route by the old helmet, hermitages and church of Ayora
18/09/2009 Tomorrow It visits the Iberian Town of the Castellar of Mecca
18/09/2009 Behind schedule Canoe and piragüismo
22/10/2009 Tomorrow It visits the Cave of Don Juan
22/10/2009 Behind schedule Route by the old helmet, hermitages and church of Ayora
23/10/2009 Tomorrow It visits the Iberian Town of the Castellar of Mecca
23/10/2009 Tomorrow Canoe and piragüismo
05/11/2009 Tomorrow It visits the Cave of Don Juan
05/11/2009 Behind schedule Route by the old helmet, hermitages and church of Ayora
06/11/2009 Tomorrow It visits the Iberian Town of the Castellar of Mecca
06/11/2009 Tomorrow Canoe and piragüismo

Activities and Tours

Tourism and Adventure - Prices and offers 20011 and 2012

The river route Jucar

The Cave of Don Juan

The Town Castellar de Mecca

Spa Cofrentes

Hiking Trails

Cycling routes

Now Ayora counts with a new tourist project called “The route of the Red line” that takes you through the town showing all the traditional and historical secrets of the municipality. The route begins at the Tourism office of Ayora. Following a red line on the floor you will find the way crossing the town supported by informative panels and audio devices that guide you through the route.

The Iberian town of the Castellar of Meca It is an important Iberian town - that should enjoy of certain prosperity -; inhabited among the centuries IV and II B.C. almost with security it would be dismantled by the Roman army. It occupied a surface of about 800 mtrs. of long for 350 of wide. Their primitive residents' abundant prints are conserved: reservoirs, stairways carved in the stone, ceramic remains and their singular roads of wheels, one of the examples better conserved of roads from before of the Roman era. They can perfectly still be observed remains of the old wall that fortified the town, although everything he, for their singular location, constitutes an authentic natural strength. Only a visit on the own land will be able to realize the true exceptional value of this establishment inside the Iberian culture. A visit will only demonstrate us the because of the declaration of historical-artistic Monument of the Castellar of Meca in the year 1931.

Cave of Don Juan Don Juan's Cave located in the town of Jalance in the call Sierra of the Fresh anchovy (a few kilometres from Ayora) it is an authentic geologic jewel that by itself deserves a visit. The interior of the immense grotto is formed by stalactites and stalagmites that adopt different forms of great beauty. The Lake of the Desires, the Sigma of the Hell, the Devil's Grotto, the Mirador of the Cod, the Line of the Real Turkey, etc. (as they have baptized them) they are some of the marvels that we can contemplate.

Cave paintings. When we were presented with the possibility of visiting the cave paintings from “The Old Woman’s cave” by Alpera Town hall with the purpose of popularizing part of its inheritance, we couldn’t do anything else that welcome it with satisfaction and enthusiasm because it allowed us to continue a task in which we are set on doing since some years ago and that is making accessible to the public such an important and suggestive aspect from our history, but so forgotten, as prehistoric rock art. But besides, we were offered the opportunity of diffusing it through one of the most outstanding painted shelters in all the Mediterranean Peninsular Coastal as “The Old Woman’s Cave” is. Since the first studies, adjoining to its discovery in 1910, several publications have gathered both aspects of the contents of this deposit but the truth is that, after 80 years, an exhaustive and detailed study of this panel is still absent, not only from the historic-archaeological point of view but also from the tourist one. Because there is no doubt that we are before an authentic and invaluable work of art, generally singular, with special conditions of physical and climatic protection which fits perfectly into our urban culture. We don’t realize we are before millenary works of art made in the same place where they were conceived, wrapped up by a natural setting similar to the one existing at the moment of its execution and in the care of its own nature. All these circumstances make us get closer to the prehistoric artist’s world in which work and nature make an inseparable whole. “The Old Woman’s Cave” owns these two last picture arts which are exceptionally representative of the East art of the peninsular geography, dated between the IV and II millennium. More information phoning Alpera Town hall: 967 33 00 01

Natural place of La Hunde. Natural reserve of extraordinary ecological value belonging to the "Conselleria" of Environment of the Valencian "Generalitat". It Sinks" "it he/she has some 10.000 hectares of extension that include the Mount of Palomera and where mountain goats are raised, deer, boars, roe deer, royal eagles, owls, etc. The vegetation of La Hunde is leafy, prevailing the pines, the oaks and the junipers. It is in the most western and next part to the frontier with Albacete. It has a Classroom of the Nature and the "source of the Chain" whose abundant waters will stop to a puddle in which the bathroom is allowed can highlight. Everything is located next to a pine grove with recreational facilities.

Treaking and Routes on mountain bikes. The centre BTT of Ayora has designed four routes that cross the mounts belonging to this municipal term. These routes reflect partly through the old local roads, real narrow canyons and paths that in the past were in passing forced for the "transhumantes" that they went of a side for other looking for the best grass for their flocks:

Route 1: La Hunde

Route 2: Montemayor

Route 3: Sierra of Ayora

Route 4: Villages of San Benito-Houses of Madrona

He/she can obtain information in the telephone of the City council of Ayora: 962191025 (Of Monday to Friday in the mornings). More information is the tourist office in Ayora: 96 189 06 58

Canoeing and kayaking. Very appropriate to sail by rivers and brave the waters, canoes are used in sport competitions, as well as in playful activities outdoors, and then also allow to enjoy a calm stroll. The canoeing of calm and brave waters practice in more mighty rivers like the Cabriel or the Jucar river. Excursions in canoe by calm waters and water reductions brave canoeing courses facilitate suit of neoprene and showers. Opened to the public every day of the year. There are available Individual, double and triple canoes in adventure tour reserves and information on telephone 647047716.

Riding horses. To know recondite places of Ayora and their Valley, to enter themselves by the rustic corners, to Border Mountains, to cross rivers and to cross precipices riding a horse is a stimulating experience that allows us to enjoy nature in company of relatives and friends. Riding horse has been traditionally an activity reserved to the social segments with greater spending power, but from some time up to now it has been popularized thanks a the organizations that prepare horse riding routes offering excursions for the public and organized groups. Information and reserve on telephones 962121034 and 962121035.

Guided routes to Church’s and Hermitages. To be able to cross the old historical and cultural ages of Ayora is possible visiting its patrimony of the Church of Our Mrs... of Asuncion, recently recovered and not only to make a route by the hermitages that they surround the population but that was constructed within the own urban downtown giving each one its own image that gives the true historical and cultural view of Villa de Ayora. Within the population we have the hermitages San Blas, Santa Bright, Santa Barbara, Saint Jose and in the environs to the town, the Angel, the Virgin Of the rosary, Saint Anton. Information on the telephone of the City council of Ayora: 96 219 10 25. (Of Monday through Friday for the mornings). Information the office of tourism Ayora Tell. 961890658.

Trecking and Excursions. Excursions are something more than to take a walk, since the exercise goes, often bound to other activities. To walk by the mountain is, in addition, to know in depth the nature, to respect it and to learn to coexist with it. Not in vain, some educative currents have based his teaching on the contact with the nature, geographic physics, forest ecology, ecosystems, material and techniques of camping, slight knowledge of direction and cartography. To discover the wealth natural of our earth this within reach of any visitor, who will be able to consult and to acquire the cartography of detail in specialized points and to follow the itineraries signalized in the Footpaths of great and small routes. The equipment necessary to cross our mountains is very simple, we do not have to forget to wear good suitable footwear, a canteen which be able to gather water of the sources and springs that we find on our step, something of snack to gather forces when having a break in the way and on all great dose of adventurous spirit, since the valley of Ayora provides you unique landscapes, precipices, rocks, tops fertile valleys, footpaths, forests and hermitages sprinkle this zone, inviting to know it in small excursions, long routes or simple strolls, with an extraordinary flora inside of the Tourisms in Valencian community

Rural lodging Ayora town offers the following activities during your stay. We also offer additional information about other alternative activities (routes riding bikes, trekking, excursions, horse riding, etc…) which you will be able to practise whereas your stay lasts. During July, August, September and October, from Monday to Friday, you can also participate in the guided routes organized by the tourist office in Ayora. 96 189 06 58.

Honey and craftsmanship trade. In this honey trade you can enjoy all kind of tasting as wine, cheese, sausage and ham. There are also pastries, traditional Christmas cakes, Magdalena, almond-like, March panes, sweet yolks of eggs, pie with honey, “aguamiel”, etc…At about noon you can taste “grazpacho ayorino” and “gachamiga”. The trade also develops attractions as the cutting of honey, in which you can see how we cut and prepare honey from Ayora, one of the best in quality in Spain. Adjacent streets are adorned and decorated with varied subject matters:

Tourist Information Guide in Valencia

El Colmenar Street, all the tradition for as long as, in its history, honey was treated and cut.

La Artesian Street, how esparto-grass and century-plant were developed, how sandals and baskets are made.

Los Recuerdos Street, all those memories of our great-grandparents’ time and photographs, their clothes and customs

La Historia de Ayora Street, all history which has happened in our town with the battles that in this land took place.

Alternative Trade Street.

This trade is developed on 12th October. In this date the town of Ayora can give you some information about the exact date at the end of the page. Every year Information in Ayora, Town hall phone: 96 219 10 25 (from Monday to Friday in the mornings) More information is the tourist office in Ayora: 96 189 06 58 Cofronts Golf - Pitch & Putt Now they have the opotunidad to learn and to play pitch & putt in in the Valley of Ayora - Cofrentes, is an innovating variation, that without clearing the emotion and deficultad of golf, makes but accessible for everybody. Whoever to inciciar itself in the pratica of this sport, it makes agile the process to leave to the field, being able to difrutar of this sensation after few hours of learning, is the golf course of 9 holes.

For the experienced player the Pitch & putt constitute an excellent opportunity to improve the short game.

THE FLUVIAL ROUTE OF THE JÚCAR An able boat for fifty passengers, and who for two years (summer of 2004) have daily been making several trips from Cofrentes to Cortes de Pallás and return. The City council of Cofrentes entrusted the management of this tourist service to a company of denominated Jarafuel “Dreams and Adventure”. The boat takes approximately one hour and average in crossing the passage between Cofrentes and Cortes de Pallás, of about 14 kilometers, plus the return. And we can assure our readers who cross sections of incredible beauty.

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