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Plaza Fabini (Del Entrevero) por gusuval.

Montevideo was born and grew as a port city, lies on the banks of the Rio de la Plata. And has that combination of city, beach, sun and urban move. Tourism is the order of the day and is a place to visit at any time of year.

The tour begins with the classic boardwalk, it connects us to the spa zone. The boardwalk is calling Franklin Roosevelt and runs through the Old City, the Mercado del Puerto and some older buildings. Later renamed Promenade 25 August and cuts all streets in the downtown who die in it. After skirting a small peninsula, it changes again its name to the promenade France, which will later be called Promenade Promenade Great Britain and then Argentina. On this tour come together tourists, locals, and all who pass through Montevideo both winter and summer. On the side of the beach in summer is filled with people going to enjoy the sun all day until late and by the Uruguayan workers who go there when she finishes her workday. There are also people who opt for water activities like windsurfing, canoeing and kayaking.

The market town is very characteristic of this place, there are posts on the streets of English and located in the Old City, is a particular issue and almost mandatory step. There are many people walking around and buying things there, the Classic is Saturday at noon to have lunch there. There are very good grills where tourists are often surprised by the good food, is living a very happy atmosphere and people tend to spread the good vibes of the place.

The Old City is the most symbolic of the city, stands out for its beauty and ancient architectural constructions that draw little attention from passers tourists. Here we find the Plaza Zabala. At its center contains a bronze monument honoring the founder of Montevideo. The design of this place is very European and everything around it. Another place with which we are Constitution Square, there are two buildings that are in place since the birth of the city: the Cabildo and the Metropolitan Basilica. The first was built in 1804 and worked there the seat of government, prison, court, police and even parliament. The church was inaugurated in the same year and stored inside the remains of important ecclesiastical figures of Uruguay.

Zabata por Twaize.

A 250 km. Montevideo know you can go to Caramelo, which is a tourist city par excellence. Uruguay’s region forms a pleasant climate where you’ll find an incredible calm. When you arrive you’ll find a symbolic pivotal point in the area. The bridge became part of the life of the Carmelite, who were so proud of the construction made that the invention took effect on the rest of the country. It is clearly identifiable by its bright red color and its size. It was inaugurated on 1 May 1912 became the first human-powered moved to Uruguay and one in South America.

Puente de Carmelo por

The boardwalk of the Constituent Assembly is the molding that greets visitors Caramel. It highlights the Source of Temptation and the clock, Argentine residents present for the opening.

To capture the tranquility and safety of Caramel, is a good option to take a thermos and mate to sit in one of their seats, they tend to all the residents of the place. Independence Square is the civic and commercial center of the city and has a monkey puzzle of nearly 100 years.

A few meters from Hotel Casino also can visit the Wildlife Reserve, with a variety of species to view: llamas, rabbits, capybaras, deer, ostriches, black-necked swans, ducks, flamingos, peacocks, pheasants and alligators, among others.

Despite achieving great tranquility there are also places of entertainment such as bars, restaurants and night are moved in pubs, casino and several night clubs in the area.

Another place you can visit the quarries of Mount Caramelo. Activity outside the quarry a hundred feet thick was flooded. It became a special place for diving.

Cerro Carmelo por alfredo45.

For the options presented here is an ideal trip for you to do with your partner or a group of friends if the idea is to rest and make a relatively smooth journey. It is not advisable to go with very young children because there is not much fun for them.

Hope you helpful information provided on this wonderful country of Latin America.

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