Villa Traful: Located in a charming atmosphere of Argentina

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Villa Traful por Elton Melo.

The landscape and atmosphere of Villa Traful make it a special place to go and get carried away by the many sensations that are present. The villa is ideal for various activities, including hiking, windsurfing, parasailing and even scuba diving.

Located south of the province of Neuquen on the southern coast of Lake Traful, this quiet tourist village of 500 inhabitants covering 620 hectares which is located within the Nahuel Huapi National Park, 100 km from Bariloche and 400 km from the city of Neuquén. He can be reached from Routes No. 65 and No. 231 (Seven Lakes Corridor).

Nahuel Huapi National Park, this as a background which by its nature noble and respectful engagement with nature, his landscapes seem to return much care with the exuberant energy of its many colors, worn throughout the year at Villa Traful amazing hues with the complicity of silence, which highlights the sounds of nature.

Villa is surrounded by forests Traful coihues, dominated the vegetation, either in the form of bushes. The land is a forest empire, populated by cypress trees (the most numerous) and coihues. Its vegetation cover also comprises beech, ñires, notros and radales, while the extra touch of color that give the flowers such as lupine, chilco, Topa Topa, Amancay and Mutisia. These end up further enhance the landscape. The architecture of its houses are characterized by a model Andes, where the use of stone and wood are predominant. The population of the town is young: 50% of the populations are under 29 years and 57% is native to these lands privileged.

What to do?

The landscape and atmosphere of Villa Traful, make it a special place to go and get carried away by the many sensations that harbors. The town is special and is a place where you can develop different activities, among which include:


Mirador Traful: Located on the southeast margin of Lake Traful turn on a cliff 70 meters. Lets enjoy the view consists of the lake and hills. The boardwalk allows easy access. The balconies are located on the rock may contemplate Lake Traful (glacial) from cliffs and see Traful Peak, 2000 m, with the assistance of information and interpretation, which contains one can see the geological and landscaping of the site.

Black and Cerro Penitentes: the viewpoints of this area can get breathtaking views of the lake and volcanoes Lanin (Argentina) and Villarrica (Chile).

Cycle Tour of Chile & Argentina 6-17 por velodenz.

The treks can also possible to find numerous waterfalls, some hidden in the rock and vegetation, other blatantly exhibitionistic.

Hiking lake and Diving:

Across the lake in the direction N.O. to the Great Peninsula and sailing thence on the north bank around 2000 meters, you reach some cliffs that fall a pique over the lake.
Ddesde here you can see the submerged forest, consisting of more than fifty of cypress trees without foliage dry, which rise in the lake bottom and in some cases lie your head above water, showing their gray color. In travel, groups of divers descend 30 feet below the surface level to cross it.


For this activity highlights the river and Pichi Correntoso Traful, Lake Traful and streams with waterfalls. The species to be found are salmon, rainbow trout, brown and fontinalis. The fishing season extends from November to May.


Traful Lake is ideal for windsurfing. Its waters are crisscrossed by winds that run parallel to the coast, from west to east. Is recommended to bring your own equipment.


In the Villa Traful, winds reach a speed of between 22 to 30 kms. Is recommended to bring your own equipment.

So much is riding on Argentina!

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