Traveling the corners of Argentina

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The name of South America will bring the idea of the tour immediately to mind. It is a mysterious continent, by exotic natural geography along its ridges, music and literature of magical realism. But as the arms of tourism reach the corners and corners of the world, the famous tourist spots that come in South America are becoming places of interest worldwide well known. There are several tourist attractions such as waterfalls, mountains, beaches, ecotourism, and as in almost all countries in South America. South America has attractions that bring thousands of foreign visitors each year. The countries of South America provide strange kind of culture and geography double paradox. They appear in several respects, but which are clearly different from each other in many other dimensions (many influenced by their proximity to the beaches at variance with those of the mountain).

Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America
Argentina is one of the great nations on the continent. Its capital, Buenos Aires is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in South America. It is very rightly called the Paris of South America. Iguazu Falls is located on the border between Brazil and Argentina, is a famous natural tourist attraction. There is a striking series of waterfalls in the region.

Patagonia Argentina
Patagonia is a tourist attraction famous for water tourism. The lakes of the area containing a large number of fish species. Then there are the mountains of snow, which are home to penguins and glaciers.
Mendoza is best for those who wish to taste the cuisine of the city. The attraction of the region is its wine and food halls. The town is located near the Andes. One can have the exclusive privilege of having several types of wine and delicious food in the midst of taking natural beauty.

Salta, a city known for its colonial legacy

Salta is located in the northern part of Argentina. The city offers a rare opportunity for visitors to South America, among other attractions. It is one of the few regions that still retain the colonial legacy in the form of buildings and culture. The climate is fairly stable and the environment is very picturesque.

Spiritual Tourism

For those who want to have spiritual or devotional tourism, the most famous attraction in the country is the Basilica of Our Lady of Luján. Located west of the capital city of Buenos Aires. The Gothic church is located 70 km from the city. It is said that millions of devotees arrive at the church each year.

An old town in Argentina

Another typical of South America in their sights in Argentina is Corrientes. It is an ancient city that still manages to keep its charm. It is an area full of lakes and ponds, where a series of animal and bird species are found. The Capibara the largest rodent in the world is here.

There is much to learn in Argentina!

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