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Piraeus port Athens – Greece

domingo, agosto 2nd, 2009

 Greece - Pireus

We all know that a trip to Greece in our lives seems to be an essential if we are hiking lovers of classical antiquity in all its variants. And, in Greece, as well as their paradise islands, stroll through Athens, depending on the horizon include almost the beauty of the Parthenon, the Acropolis, the agora to move as if we were to listen to the great thinkers across the ages, all It becomes mandatory if relatively tread these places. But, Athens is Piraeus, Athens is embellished with a port on the shores of the Gulf Aegina, one of the most active and important country, the main scale for shipping companies in the Middle East, a port of reference for the trips of more beautiful that can be done by the islands of the Aegean Sea. (más…)

The Rhine Valley in Germany

lunes, julio 20th, 2009

The Rhine is one of the longest rivers in Europe. Over 1300 miles, visiting the heart of the continent, bathing the green meadows in Switzerland to its mouth in the North Sea. Today we will stop briefly in the part of the journey that makes this river by Germany, a wonderful, meandering journey. (más…)

Red Sea

lunes, junio 1st, 2009

They say that ancient mariners, along the red mountains rich in minerals, called Mare Rostrum to Egyptian waters. Exoticism surrounding this environment has fostered a growing tourist center, especially in water sports enthusiasts who find in the depths of these waters, coral reefs around hardly match elsewhere in the world.

Red Sea coasts stretching from the Gulf of Suez to the Sudanese border. Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen and Jibouti overlooking the water and Mount Sinai, with 2.285 km in height, provides a spiritual touch that attracts much of the tourism that we can go. The climate that is enjoyed in this land is and the temperature of tropical beaches is maintained between 35 and 41 degrees. (más…)

Cruises tourism a Mediterranean

jueves, marzo 26th, 2009

Tourism of cruise

Cruises are riding the crest of a wave in Spain. The strategic location of the ports of Valencia and Alicante has led to spectacular growth in this sector in the Region of Valencia, where according to Port Authority figures.Higher standards of living and an interesting new formula that combines traditional tourist visits with luxury sailing are the decisive factors in the current cruise boom. The success of the two Valencian ports can be attributed to how well the port facilities have actually become to feel part of the city, offering visitors a further major tourist attraction. The Mediterranean climate is another factor which has helped turn Valencia and Alicante into top destinations for seabound holidays. Valencian and Alicant are actively developing cruise tourism and both ports are well integrated into cities with first-rate tourist attractions. Valencia is already the home port for two cruises and Alicante was a port of call for 59 last year. The port of Castellón is in the process of developing a tourist policy aimed at attracting cruise liners. Although other Europeans take more cruise holidays, Spaniards are now beginning to show more interest. (más…)

Riding the river Júcar – Cruise Boat

martes, junio 17th, 2008

Ploughing the waters between Cofrentes and Cortes de Pallás, the boat slowly glides through the emeralds waters of the dammed Júcar, cleving throgh the reflections of the towering ochre and black bluffs carved by the sculpting hand of the river befote continuing its smooth way  hmong gentler landscapes. The deep waters of the Júcar form a route alost 30 kilometres long, offering spectacular views of natureand life in a mountain range shaped over the centurias. Every day, boats from the Los Cañones del Júcar and Sinoa companies cruise the length of this, the Region of Valencian only river route. (más…)

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