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I have not had the opportunity to enjoy a trip on a cruise. While on the way I like to travel, organizing it by myself, and maximizing enjoyment in the various destinations, a priori admit that until now I’ve been attracted by this kind of travel is increasingly popular.


Photography by Terry Wha

But contrary to what was said above, I’m sure some time, sooner rather than later, I will point to the experience of doing a cruise. However, as an advance, if I had the opportunity to meet a large cruise ship, on the occasion of TBMBCN held in the month of April, during a stopover in the port of Barcelona.

Costa Serena cruise ship:

This event is celebrated on the Costa Serena, one of the largest ships of the Italian company Costa Cruises, the largest in Europe and currently has a fleet of 15 large cruise ships, after the recent premiere of his new ship Costa Favolosa .

The Costa Serena was opened in 2007, with a tonnage of 114,500 tons and a capacity for 3780 passengers. Then I tell you what the Costa Serena, after the visit I could do for all of its dependencies.

1 .- Reception

Your entrance to the Costa Serena will book one of the most striking images that you will have in this great cruise. Its large reception room, with four lifts, all surrounded a colorful decoration, which never fails to recall the style of the hotels in Las Vegas, gives a first idea of the large interior of the Costa Serena, a real city on vacation.

2 .- Cabins:

Without doubt, go through the lengthy corridors of Costa Serena, which are distributed in several different cabins plants, is one of the best ways to perceive the enormity of this cruise ship.

The Costa Serena has 1,500 cabins on many different levels of comfort. The most simple and cheap are the interiors, but really not too much a price difference worth staying during the trip in a cabin with window to the outside, which is like a small hotel room

Of all the cabins, there are 500 private balcony, and the most luxurious are the 58 suites, all with balconies, and 12 of them with direct access to the spa. They are a luxury.

Cruises on Costa Serena/p>
Photography by Harry Willis

3 .- Grand Theatre:

Other units of the most impressive Costa Serena is the great drama of three levels, with capacity for 1,500 people, where every day sessions are held two shows.

4 .- Areas of massages, spa and fitness:

Physical exercise and, by contrast, relaxation, part of the regular activities of the cruise, as I have checked to see large rooms for fitness, spas, thalassotherapy, treatment rooms, sauna, Turkish bath and solarium UVA.

5 .- Pools:

The pools are undoubtedly an essential element for the enjoyment of a cruise ship. In the Costa Serena will find swimming pools, both in areas of fore and aft, some external and others that can be covered in case of need.

In total, four pools and five whirlpools and a pool. The fact that the pools can be covered extends the ability to enjoy the cruise to the times when the weather is not as favorable as in summer.

6. Restaurants:

Along with swimming pools, restaurants are definitely major players in the Costa Cruise. The tour around the ship are several dining areas with different environments, with swimming areas.

The buffets are open all day, so you can eat at any time you want (included in the price, excluding drinks), which undoubtedly prevents a cruise is appropriate to maintain a diet.

The largest of the restaurants is a large interior, where dinners are held.

In total, Costa Cruises is the five restaurants, two of which are additional payment (Club Bacco restaurant and Samsara) and reservation.

trip on a cruise

Photography by ahisgett

7. Bars and entertainment areas:

Also, along with restaurants, 13 bars have the most diverse environments, as well as a nightclub and a large casino. Surely you will call attention to the Chocolate Bar and on the other hand, the F1 car simulator. Undoubtedly, this great boat cruise is itself a destination to enjoy holidays. So when I visited, although the bulk of travelers were visiting Barcelona, there were many other different areas to enjoy their leisure.

Bon voyage!

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