Cruises and tours Europe and South America

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The Odyssey's Marina (artist rendition) por Luxury Cruise Bible.

To live a different and unforgettable experience, with vertigo, fun and excitement by combining the pleasure of riding different places at once but still in touch with nature, you have to get into the majestic ship that offers a cruise. It comes from the conventional choice of a route to travel on foot or by car, passing through the most remote and exotic places. Is another option when deciding where we go on vacation or rest for a few days.

There are cruises to different places in the world, we see that parts of Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Europe. They depart every year with couples, groups of friends and even entire families. Companies that do these trips to America as well as for tours of Europe are: The Yachts of Seabourn (Seabourn Pride with his ship), Costa Cruises (Costa Victoria with the ship), Royal Caribbean (with the ship Splendor of the Seas ), Celebrity Cruises (Infinity with the ship), Norwegian Cruise Line (Norwegian Dream with the ship), Silversea (with the ship Silver Wind), Princess Cruises (Star Princess ship with).

The trip by the cooler waters of Patagonia, Argentina, also called «World’s End» being Tierra del Fuego province which lies further south on the map, you can sail through the Strait of Magellan and Beagle Channel crossing spectacular locations from glaciers to estuaries and fjords. The stops are in Punta Arenas (Chile), Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego, Argentina) and Port Stanley (Falkland Islands). As the tour takes place are whales, penguins, elephant seals, and the sky flying condors and eagles. The characteristic trees are the Nirre, lenga, like notro shrubs, and flowers like the golden boot, the myrtle, the caulk and the Chinese lanterns hanging from the trees and that according to legend, guarantee the couple’s eternal love kissing beneath them. Other interesting points with Valparaiso (Chile) and Puerto Montt (Chile). The tour boats that make these cabins have multiple different hierarchies (internal, external, external with balcony and Junior Suite usually), all fully equipped, often have pools, restaurants, game rooms, music and entertainment. All are ready for passengers not lacking anything and not lose the enthusiasm of the first day.

The cruises that travel Brazil, passing through Rio de Janeiro, Buzios, Salvador de Bahia, Recife and Natal, among others. These are tropical and fun to dye your own site. They typically run through cities and beaches, where the carnival invades the city in February. Rio de Janeiro is an inevitable destination in every area because it brings together all that is Brazil in one place: huge, paradisiacal beaches, always festive character of its people, the beauty of the hills, the good mood that characterizes this climate and tropical mix with everything that makes a great city. With its glorious beaches and warm climate, a cruise to Brazil may be one of those experiences that do not ever forget. Scroll down the Brazilian coast from north to south, on board a boat first line, is a remarkable and spectacular.

With respect to cruise ships in European waters we found several possible routes but for these trips the most recommended for use, as they are ideal for navigating them, are: Germany, Denmark, Scotland, France, Holland, Iceland and / or the fjords of Norway. The latter are narrow, deep gulfs, located between steep mountain slopes as a result of successive ice ages. The most natural way, and tempting, to explore the vastness of these is the Norwegian fjords aboard a cruise ship. This means of transport not only facilitate travel but also providing all sorts of activities and will get you to those places that cannot be lost once it is in the Norwegian fjords.

There are others who go to the heart of the Danube, depending on the dates, the trip from Budapest and Linz (Austria). Any choice is good. In any case, sooner or later comes to meet the great capitals of Austria, Slovakia and Hungary (also in the Czech Republic if a small extension of the trip at the beginning or end). But alongside these important regions that have a pronounced role in European history, the tour allows you places with some magic, like the castle of Durnstein, which was locked, Richard the Lionheart on his return from the Crusades.

budapest_7 sul danubio por archgionni.

Another option is the River Rhine can be considered as the most important navigable river or traveled by tourists, opens in Rotterdam (Netherlands) which is the most important port in Europe in terms of traffic and loading and unloading maneuvers. The tours usually start in Basel and go to the Black Forest. The vessel size varies between small, medium and large. The speed at which it travels is approximately between 19 and 25 knots and passenger capacity ranges from 100 to over 3000 people.
Travel Tips on the Cruise:

We encourage you to make reservations in advance to choose stateroom location as well as recommend you consult by the age of the boat and if it was remodeled. The ability of a suite of two, three, four, and very few are for five people. To take into account: the excess baggage charge do not have the shops that are on the boats are tax free and not allowed.

What was once a luxury that could be given only persons belonging to the elite is now accessible to everyone as it can get very affordable prices, packages and promotions to live is an unforgettable experience on board. This trip will be ideal if your idea is going to relax and not have to worry about anything, since within the cruise activities are organized and everything is totally natural and dynamically, it will be able to choose what they like doing and no concerns will be invited to navigate.

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