Red Sea

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They say that ancient mariners, along the red mountains rich in minerals, called Mare Rostrum to Egyptian waters. Exoticism surrounding this environment has fostered a growing tourist center, especially in water sports enthusiasts who find in the depths of these waters, coral reefs around hardly match elsewhere in the world.

Red Sea coasts stretching from the Gulf of Suez to the Sudanese border. Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen and Jibouti overlooking the water and Mount Sinai, with 2.285 km in height, provides a spiritual touch that attracts much of the tourism that we can go. The climate that is enjoyed in this land is and the temperature of tropical beaches is maintained between 35 and 41 degrees.

The temperature of the water is 18 to 21 degrees in winter and from 21 to 26.5 degrees in the summer. In its depths, precious coral reefs contain more than 400 species across a world full of exotic marine that will delight fans of diving. Fish species with more than a thousand colors and eccentric shapes as the «surgeon fish,» the «parrot fish», the «butterfly fish» and «lion fish». Furthermore, this is a paradise for the ornithologists, because here are also thousands of migratory birds pushed by hot winds from the east.

It is a rocky coastline, full of mountains, where water purity retain a surprising because there is no river tributaries that go into them because the rains are also very rare. Hence they become a kind of spectacular giant fishbowl, where you can see coral reefs, seaweed, dolphins, turtles and sharks. Of note is the presence of thirty different species of sharks (white, black, gray, hammers, makos, tiger …).

The reefs are well known and visited most of Tiran (Gulf of Aqaba, with wreck), the Ras Muhammad (marine trench with a depth of eight meters), the Rocky Island (coral, tuna, manta and sharks) and the Sha’ab Rumi (on the Red Sea that belongs to Sudan, with great hammerhead sharks). The seabed is also a graveyard of wrecked ships that tourism in the area required to visit.

According to the scientists say, due to movements of the earth’s crust that sea is rising: Africa continues to move away from Arabia, and say that one day, in millions of years in the Red Sea to reach the size of the Atlantic.

From Suez to Ain Sukhna
Along the white shores of the Red Sea several cities attract the attention of visitors on a route along the water, slowly discovers the nature, customs and lifestyle of this remote region.

Suez, a major trading port for more than seven centuries, is one of the most visited and the first in the tour. The spice trade and the pilgrimage to Mecca are produced in the fifteenth century, a great economic prosperity. The opening of the Suez Canal has turned this city into the heart of the area, with one of the largest ports throughout Egypt.

Very close to Suez, the city of Ain Sukhna (hot spring) sits near several springs of sulphurous waters. Hurghada is the next stop on our route on this side of the shores of the Red Sea. It is the seaside resort par excellence of the area and meeting point for lovers of undisputed water sports. In addition, marine gardens, like that of Carlos Reef, are precious.

The tranquility of Al-Quseir
Another of the city there is to see if you visit this area is Al-Quseir, where one of the oldest ports in the Red Sea. It is a quiet place, with clear waters, coral reefs and white sand … perfect for water sports. There is an old caravan route in which even includes some Pharaonic ruins. From Al-Quseir are excursions to the Sinai desert, dromedary rides up the mountain and the monastery of Santa Catalina. Besides its breathtaking scenery, the desert of Sinai was the cradle of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Berenice and oldest monasteries of Egypt
Berenice is one of the cities of the coasts of the Red Sea with a major commercial port. Here are the ruins of the temple ruins of Semiramis and several emerald mines in operation since Pharaonic times until the Roman era. Mangroves are striking and the island of Zabargad, ancient source of exploitation of semi precious stones. Berenice surrounding lakes offer the tourist a wealth of underwater life and the opportunity to see herds of dolphins nearby.

Berenice left behind, we find the monastery of San Antonio and San Pablo, the oldest in Egypt. These rituals are still kept for more than sixteen centuries. The buildings have given way to small villages with gardens, mill, bakery and church.

All this and much more has to show his adventures by the Red Sea, and extend back to more places and attractions in the world of hotels

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