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Travel to the city of Salt Lake City

Sábado, agosto 27th, 2011

In Salt Lake City is presented as a wonderful city to know the full extent, this beautiful city in the United States shows its best and it will show aspects of their trip before arriving in this city.

Salt Lake City

Photography by Casey Serin


With relatively affordable rents, Salt Lake City is a bastion of creativity. To probe the landscape design, visit Frosty Darling (177 East Broadway), a whimsical gift shop packed with candy and retro clothing, accessories and household items handmade by the owner of the business, Gentry Blackburn, and other designers Utah. Signed & Numbered (2100 East 2100 South) specializes in art prints, limited edition handmade concert posters, which cost $ 8 and $ 150. And in Salt Lake Citizen (210 East 400 South) in the atrium of the Main Library building, you will find clothing and accessories inspired by street forty designers of the city, including embroidered flared pants and jewelry laser cut acrylic. (más…)

Bjarke Ingels buildings in Copenhagen

Miércoles, agosto 24th, 2011

One of the things I wanted to do during my visit to Copenhagen was to visit the buildings about Bjarke Ingels in the capital of Denmark. For those who do not know Bjarke Ingels is a Danish architect, who leads the group of architects BIG, and has become famous for their innovative buildings. One of the most popular was the Denmark Pavilion for Shanghai Expo 2010 with the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen as the star of the pavilion.


Photography by FHKE

In Copenhagen, Bjarke Ingels and has designed three new buildings in the neighborhood of Orestes. This neighborhood on the outskirts of Copenhagen must become a new residential district with a campus university, offices of large companies and shopping centers. Although today there is not much activity, the new Copenhagen Metro goes to that area so that it can visit. That’s where Bjarke Ingels has built two buildings and the third is ending. (más…)

Tours of Guatemala City

Martes, julio 26th, 2011

When you get around here on our way, you can see the enthusiastic tourists put the backpack on foot or in the colorful buses, to put a large tourist route between the city, pre-Columbian ruins and colonial markets endless, volcanoes, lakes and more …

Guatemala City

Photography by Rambling Traveler

Guatemala in the Aztec language means place of many trees, which is ratified from the moment you step on this country. With varied ecosystems and landscapes in an area of 108,889 square kilometers, two thirds of the territory are formed by volcanic mountains. (más…)

Rome – A stroll through the Eternal City

Viernes, julio 22nd, 2011

Rome is the Eternal City. Romans say that even natives of the place the crown 900 churches, with their attendant needed 900 days to view in detail each of them, with their colorful and beautifully preserved frescoes and authentic museum pieces signed by the great masters of the time of Renaissance. In addition to the great monuments and buildings that dress and adorn each of its elegant streets, led no doubt by the Via Condotti, a few meters from the famous Spanish Steps in the Plaza of Spain and as close to the Golden Mile in Italy. It’s one of those places to see and be seen.

Rome is the Eternal City

Photography by Cebete

An outdoor museum of the Renaissance: (más…)

A stroll medieval Toulouse

Sábado, julio 16th, 2011

Today we will walk through the old town of Toulouse. Founded by the Romans over two thousand years and the capital of the French region of Midi-pyrene, the Gallic town has a very long and eventful, which have given a very peculiar personality.

The old town of Toulouse

Photography by ktylerconk

Our tour will focus on one of the most characteristic aspects of Toulouse: its medieval palaces located in the neighborhood of St. Etienne, and closely linked to one color, the pastel blue. But first, some historical context to help us place ourselves in the visit. (más…)

Kyoto: The authentic taste of Japan

Viernes, julio 15th, 2011


Photography by goto_

The glimpse of a geisha walking down the street swift steps Hanami-koji is a scene not to be missed when visiting Kyoto, the mysterious ancient empire’s capital Edo (1603-1867). Refuge and stronghold of authentic Japanese tradition, they say it’s one of those cities you must travel at least once in life, like Rome, London or Paris. It seems, however, with the first impression one gets to get off the shinkansen in the futuristic train station in Kyoto, built in steel and metal, and watch the huge concrete walls of cold and gray, which, however hidden behind them all ancient magic and mystery of a city that, no doubt, after a few hours strolling through neighborhoods full of history and tradition, ends up becoming a must for knowing the true taste of Japan. (más…)

The old city of Jerusalem: Places to visit

Miércoles, julio 13th, 2011

Much is said about the Old City, but the truth is that all of Jerusalem is a magical city that still hides secrets, but also shows charm everywhere. For that we need to start walking also outside its walls.

Jerusalem of the places to visit

Photography by bluehelmetblog

The huge doors that break the old city wall to let you enter another world. With just a few steps, everything changes. Nothing is the same. A clear example is the Jaffa Gate, whose output is the Mamila shopping, where they have their windows some of the most recognized brands worldwide. (más…)

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