Travel to the city of Salt Lake City

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In Salt Lake City is presented as a wonderful city to know the full extent, this beautiful city in the United States shows its best and it will show aspects of their trip before arriving in this city.

Salt Lake City

Photography by Casey Serin


With relatively affordable rents, Salt Lake City is a bastion of creativity. To probe the landscape design, visit Frosty Darling (177 East Broadway), a whimsical gift shop packed with candy and retro clothing, accessories and household items handmade by the owner of the business, Gentry Blackburn, and other designers Utah. Signed & Numbered (2100 East 2100 South) specializes in art prints, limited edition handmade concert posters, which cost $ 8 and $ 150. And in Salt Lake Citizen (210 East 400 South) in the atrium of the Main Library building, you will find clothing and accessories inspired by street forty designers of the city, including embroidered flared pants and jewelry laser cut acrylic.


Restaurant chains used to dominate the culinary landscape of Salt Lake City, but now emerging intimate places, led by young chefs inspired by the bounty of local organic producers and suppliers crafts. Headlining the group is Pay (878 South 900 East), a bustling neighborhood meeting place in a brick building in 1910. Chef Mike Richey choose local organic produce in dishes like wagyu steak Bavette bagna cauda, along with small potatoes and arugula classic local (29 dollars), served in a rustic candlelit room with capacity for 50 people. Another newcomer is Forage (370 East 900 South), offering wildly creative dishes as scallops with vanilla accompanied beluga lentils. A three-course dinner costs $ 45.

Ethnic palate – Although the latest census information says that the city’s population is 75.3% white, there is a growing presence of Latinos and ethnic origin of Pacific Islanders (Samoans and Tongans in particular), and refugee Tibet, Bosnia and Somalia. Enjoy its influence in places like Himalayan Kitchen (360 South State Street), a simple room with yellow walls and tables turmeric red tablecloths, where specialties include curry goat Nepali (15.95 dollars) and Himalayan momo, dumplings Steamed stuffed with chicken and served with sesame sauce ($ 10.95).

Italian Food:

Salt Lake City has numerous Italian restaurants and attractions. Cucina Toscana and Lugano are part of the perpetual favorite, but Fresco Italian Café (1513 South 1500 East) argues to be the most romantic. It is a private site of 14 tables hidden in the main street in a cabin in the early 1920. The menu is small but select, with simple dishes of northern Italy with a personal touch. The pumpkin ravioli, for example, are sprinkled with apple cider and nuts finely striped low (18 dollars). It has a fireplace, candlelight, and in summer you can dine on the patio bricks.

Places to visit:


The whole city celebrated the annulment of laws requiring bars to operate as private clubs and membership fees charged. The Red Door (57 West 200 South) has poor lighting, an excellent list of martinis. Squatters Pub Brewery (147 West Broadway) serves high alcohol beers of Brewmaster Jenny Talley, like India Pale Ale, arrives at 6 º of alcohol. Jam Club (751 North 300 West) is a gay friendly bar, with a sense of private party and impromptu barbecue in the backyard.

Red Butte Garden:

Red Butte Garden, nestled in the foothills on the campus of the University of Utah (300 Wakara Way), has recently planted a rose garden, over 5.5 miles of walking trails and morning yoga in the scented garden. For an invigorating walk, ask at reception for directions to the courts, a scenic spot named after the orange flat rocks that look like sofas. Sit back and absorb the sweeping views of the valley, the mountains and the Great Salt Lake.

The city’s Main Library:

Trace your architectural tour. The city’s Main Library (210 East 400 South), a curvilinear glass structure built in 2003 by architect Moshe Safdie, has fireplaces on each floor and a roof garden overlooking the city and the Wasatch Mountains. If you are looking older buildings, visit the Marmalade Historic District, home to many houses from the nineteenth century, or take a walking tour of the Utah Heritage Foundation.

The city of Salt Lake City

Photography by SheldonPhotography

Live performances from Utah:

As the only major city between Denver and Northern California, Salt Lake City hosts many touring bands. There are local bands at places like Urban Lounge (241 South 500 East) and Kilby Court (741 South Kilby Court). If you want to enjoy their music, go to Keys on Main (242 South Main), a piano bar where the audience sings.

Utah Olympic Park:

For lovers of strong emotions, 45 miles east is the Utah Olympic Park in Park City, (3419 Olympic Parkway, Park City), where there were 14 specialties of the Winter Olympics 2002. Even during the summer, you can get the medal and fly down a slope to more than 112 mph on a sled Comet, play in a modern racing downhill slide of steel or recreate a ski jump regarded as the world’s steepest zip line. The flourishing culture and culinary sophistication have their benefits, but nothing better than an adrenaline rush to experience pure emotion.

Travel to the city of Salt Lake City

Photography by David Bezaire Susi y Puertos-Bezaire

Enjoy your trip in Salt Lake City!

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