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Istanbul: A Tale of Many Cities

Viernes, julio 8th, 2011

The political capital of Turkey is Ankara, but Istanbul focused tourism. The Turkish capital has one foot in each continent. Mosques are basilicas, stadiums and arenas, women veiled contempt and others. Contrasts of a millenarian passion.

Istanbul: A Tale of Many Cities

Photography by fsse8info

Here is a strait that separates the city on two continents, there are boats everywhere, there is strong around a good chunk of the city, houses that are accessed by boat, a modern town in which the first world power projection and an older one that glitters historical cost. Here is a bazaar in which people lose sanity. A bazaar that involves entry just, surrender to lawlessness. (más…)

Copenhagen explore the streets

Domingo, julio 3rd, 2011

In the 60′s of last century the Danish authorities concluded that they had a serious problem in Copenhagen: traffic volume was in the center of the capital was untenable, so he banned the circulation of cars in most of old town, and dropped dramatically speeding on the rest. Also, change the physiognomy of the streets deep, and orient people.

The streets in Copenhagen

Photography by meghantosh

Today, new urban plan that you continue to take thousands and thousands of people that make Copenhagen a city alive and human. (más…)

Jerusalem Holy Destiny

Sábado, julio 2nd, 2011

The city of Jerusalem is sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims visit is a religious experience, even beyond the limits of the captivating Old Town.


Photography by Wilson Afonso

It is the place where most of the planet dreams of a peace that never arrives. It is also one of the few capitals that is not officially recognized as such. However, that does not stop one of the most fascinating cities. With its variety of cultures and religions, Jerusalem is open to the world, reveals some mysteries of the hidden history and many others. Regarded worldwide as the cradle of civilization, Jerusalem has historical significance for three of the major religions and over the years has proven to be irresistible not only for archaeologists but also for tourists, whatever their faith. (más…)

Discovering the mini cities

Miércoles, junio 29th, 2011

In this issue we look at two very similar parks that display the same product, scale models of buildings. One is centered in The Hague in the Netherlands and one in Brussels is a city with universal in Europe. There is no doubt that such parks are the ideal complement to a trip if we go with children.

Discovering the mini cities

Photography by Jordanhill School D&T Dept

Let’s start with Madurodam, as they say is the “smallest city in Holland.” This is an outdoor park that reproduces the most typical places of the country to 1:25 scale to the smallest detail. We have this little wonder to Mrs. Boon-van der Bep and marriage Starper Maduro Willemstad. (más…)

Discover the Life in Nairobi, Kenya

Viernes, junio 24th, 2011

Nairobi is the capital of our destination in Kenya. Its origin in 1899 was that of a railway camp has since grown rapidly and has become the economic, trade and transport in East Africa. The perfect place for shopping trip. Its name derives from Ewaso Nyarobi, in Masai means “Place of cold water”.

The destination in Kenya

Photography by rosemarydukelow

The highlight of the city is the National Museum, which offers an overview of the culture and natural history of the country very interesting. (más…)

Mexico City Tours

Viernes, junio 17th, 2011

No doubt the first impression of Mexico City (known as DF) intimacy is great, chaotic, incomprehensible. But after a few days, distances seem shorter and move through these winding streets where daily circulation of 24 million people.

Mexico City

Photography by Francisco Diez

Tourists usually stay in town just a couple of days before fleeing to the beach, but it’s worth stretching a little more stay to unravel a city steeped in history, museums, popular culture, festivals and traditions. (más…)

Discover the neighborhoods of Rome

Jueves, junio 2nd, 2011

The move of the charm of Garbatella Trastevere, a walk down other streets in the Italian capital, near the historic center. Is one of those sunsets that one wishes that never ends. In the Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere, Rome, the spring sun warms the souls of many who, following almost a tradition, sit on the steps of the fountain enjoying a cool beer or ice cream.


Photography by edwin.11

Around, the pedestrian streets are full of people in the souvenir shops and wait to be seen. It is the heart of Trastevere, which has become a required course in Rome, an attraction that adds to the long list of “captive” that goes from the Colosseum and Roman Forum, Vatican to Fontana di Trevi, Spagna piazzas of Navona and Campo dei Fiori. (más…)

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