The old city of Jerusalem: Places to visit

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Much is said about the Old City, but the truth is that all of Jerusalem is a magical city that still hides secrets, but also shows charm everywhere. For that we need to start walking also outside its walls.

Jerusalem of the places to visit

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The huge doors that break the old city wall to let you enter another world. With just a few steps, everything changes. Nothing is the same. A clear example is the Jaffa Gate, whose output is the Mamila shopping, where they have their windows some of the most recognized brands worldwide.

But not all shopping and crowds of people. Although many do not believe in Jerusalem is also possible to walk quietly in the midst of dream landscapes and delivered from the roar of the engines. For this case it is advisable to opt for the quiet streets of Montefiore, standing in front of the Old City and an enviable peace. There, the houses respect a common appearance and are built around an old mill.

However, there are also the most diverse options for those who want to find out more in history, ancient and contemporary. This is where it is unavoidable visit to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum. Nestled amidst a green forest, is one of the most emblematic of Israel in a somber mood that invites you to explore the dark, dark years of Nazi genocide.

Jerusalem useful information

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The Shuk:

Shopping and bargaining, the Shuk. Could be considered the realm of lies. But many consider the world of bargaining. In one way or another relate to the same: the Shuk. “Argentine friend, come on, best price.” That bunch of words from the mouth of Syria, an Arab of just 28 years working in the local “POLIRRUBRO” of his father. Not to speak Castilian, but also has knowledge of Portuguese while trying to seduce a couple of young Brazilians.

The Shuk, a traditional Arab market, which occupies almost all the streets of Christian and Muslim sectors of the Old City is a place where nothing is worth saying is worth. The price depends on the face of who is asking and the time of day, as well as how good was the workday in economic terms.

It’s really tiring to walk the streets of the Shuk, but not the extension of streets, but the screams and the need to be attentive at all times not to be betrayed at the time of purchase. However, after long hours of travel, tourists, away from exhaustion, leaving with their bags loaded and a smile on his face.

Interesting places in the Old City:

1. Holy Sepulchre

The most controversial of the Christian church holds the place of crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. It was rebuilt at various times in ancient history.

2. The Wailing Wall

With its ancient stones, a fragment of the west wall of the temple is the holiest site in Judaism. You can visit at any time.

3. Tower of David

This strength in the Jaffa Gate, also known as the Citadel, offers an unforgettable night light show which tells the story of Jerusalem.

4. Kotel Tunnels

The powerful Western Wall tunnels (Minharot Hakotel in Hebrew) allow you to explore fascinating archaeological finds. If booked in advance.

5. Archaeological Garden

At the foot of the Temple Mount has structures of Herod’s time and traces the passage of the Romans.

Useful Information:

How to get from Buenos Aires: The airfare (round trip) to Tel Aviv costs about U.S. $ 1600, with rates and taxes.


A variety of supply. A double room in a three-star hotel can get from $ 70, and one of five stars from 160, according to the season.

The old city of Jerusalem

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Argentines do not need it if the stay does not exceed 3 months. Only indispensable passport with at least six months validity from the date of entry.


A tour of Jerusalem (full day), including the Old City and the new one costs about $ 70. Only the tour of the Old Town costs 45. There are guides in Castilian.

Bon Voyage!

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