Rome – A stroll through the Eternal City

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Rome is the Eternal City. Romans say that even natives of the place the crown 900 churches, with their attendant needed 900 days to view in detail each of them, with their colorful and beautifully preserved frescoes and authentic museum pieces signed by the great masters of the time of Renaissance. In addition to the great monuments and buildings that dress and adorn each of its elegant streets, led no doubt by the Via Condotti, a few meters from the famous Spanish Steps in the Plaza of Spain and as close to the Golden Mile in Italy. It’s one of those places to see and be seen.

Rome is the Eternal City

Photography by Cebete

An outdoor museum of the Renaissance:

Rome is a beautiful woman adorned with the ancient empire colors and lights of sunset. Its sunsets are pink and gold and bathe each profiled domes provided the canvas drawn by seven hills that make up the city. By midafternoon, the sound of seagulls echoes in the distance, softly, in the Plaza de San Pedro and is interspersed with strokes of its famous basilica.

Another majestic works of art of this outdoor museum of the Renaissance, which jealously preserves within it the only work signed by Michelangelo Buonarroti, his famous Pieta. A pity that also seems to cry out loudly the 240 sculptures from potatoes and religious figures that crown the four rows of columns in this wide and vast plaza of the Vatican City, the only state in the world which does not include registered births. The obelisk that dominates the square was brought from Heliopolis in ancient Egypt to Rome by Caligula.

Stroll and wander through the streets of Rome

Photography by Vvillamon

Stroll and wander through the streets of Rome:

Best of Rome is definitely lost in its secluded streets and be embraced by more than 3,000 years of history that make this city so special, at least, should be must-see once in life. Or, if a coin is tossed back to the Fontana di Trevi, repeat visit and wish fulfillment.

The melodic sound of Italian melts to wander aimlessly through the streets, and on reaching the Piazza Navona with the delicious smells of espresso and cappuccino, flooding the environment with those of the best pasta dishes, pizza and risotto that probably ever tasted. The highlight of the trip is, of course, the legendary Colosseum, one of the seven new wonders of the world is kept in Europe and whose qualifications are no doubt very justly deserves. The sun sets slowly over the beautiful lady, Rome Love is read backwards, gives way to an almost full moon that lights again this unique living museum that still today, thousands of years later, still retains its magical charm.

Rome - A stroll through the Eternal City

Photography by Rafael Jiménez

Discover the culture of Rome!

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