Bjarke Ingels buildings in Copenhagen

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One of the things I wanted to do during my visit to Copenhagen was to visit the buildings about Bjarke Ingels in the capital of Denmark. For those who do not know Bjarke Ingels is a Danish architect, who leads the group of architects BIG, and has become famous for their innovative buildings. One of the most popular was the Denmark Pavilion for Shanghai Expo 2010 with the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen as the star of the pavilion.


Photography by FHKE

In Copenhagen, Bjarke Ingels and has designed three new buildings in the neighborhood of Orestes. This neighborhood on the outskirts of Copenhagen must become a new residential district with a campus university, offices of large companies and shopping centers. Although today there is not much activity, the new Copenhagen Metro goes to that area so that it can visit. That’s where Bjarke Ingels has built two buildings and the third is ending.

The Mountain Ingels in Copenhagen:

The first building you find you down in the Bella Center Metro station (M1) is the spectacular Mountain 2008. This building was originally designed to have a 20,000 square meter parking, and asked to design apartments Ingels up this great park. A Bjarke Ingels was decided to create a series of apartments above the stepped diagonal parking to emulate a mountain (as there is in Denmark) and did so. The part of the parking has walls made of polycarbonate that allows natural ventilation of parking. The mural covers the front of the building is a picture of a Japanese photographer of the Himalayas with Everest, which symbolizes the mountain. The parking is also a genius with special stairs and large frescoes on the walls by the French graffiti artist Victor Ash and colors in each of the areas of parking make it a car park worth visiting, which I had not said before.

Painting parking Ingels Mountain in Copenhagen:

Behind the building, I kept marveling Ingels. You can see all apartments with balconies and wooden walls climb to the top of the building hiding the large parking lot containing the building inside. Each of the apartments have their own balcony or garden views from the rear of the building are just spectacular. The building has storage systems rainwater to irrigate the gardens and the green color of plants with the color of the wood gives a very interesting color.

VM Building Copenhagen:

The second building that you are Bjarke Ingels after VM Mountain is the building which was the first buildings constructed in the neighborhood of Orestes in 2005. This building consists of two buildings each with the shape of the letters V and M. The spectacular nature of this building lies in the building with the letter V, which is the last if you walk from the Mountain, and more specifically on their balconies. These balconies were designed as triangles as the prow of a ship where you can enjoy the residents and the sun on the tip of the balcony but complete privacy at the entrance to the balcony. The building is made of aluminum, glass and wood, and floors are bright outside, something almost impossible in Denmark during the winter. This building has an apartment Leonardo Di Caprio. Bjarke Ingels Also living in the attic of this building as well.

Bjarke Ingels buildings

Photography by Seier + Seier

Balcones VM Ingels building in Copenhagen:

Entada building in M, there is a singularity that is a mosaic that draw some faces. These mosaics are the promoters of the work with colors intended to break the blue color of the glass buildings.

The 8:

The third building has been finished in 2011, is a spectacular 8-shaped building near the VM and Mountain Building. This building is the tallest building with residences, offices and department stores all over Denmark. Not nearly a traditional building, the building 8 has all the makings of a neighborhood or urban environment alone. Distributed in horizontal layers and connected all the tenth floor, creates a three-dimensional neighborhood and all businesses and homes coexist.
Building 8, Bjarke Ingels in Copenhagen:

Inside the building there are 500 8 m2 of gardens and common spaces, plus the connection to the channels on the area. The building is spectacular.

Copenhagen Harbour Bath:

Copenhagen Harbour Bath is one of the first areas that the group of architects Bjarke Ingels designed in the city. This site represents an urban pool in the center of Copenhagen to try to break the traditional view of an indoor pool. The Harbour Bath offers a series of “games” for swimmers as ramps, steep wooden or places to swim or sunbathe. This impressive work in the center of Copenhagen close to Christiania makes the delight of the Danes in hot days that feel like getting wet in the canals of the city.

Bjarke Ingels buildings in Copenhagen

Photography by Sseier+seier

Bon voyage!

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