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Colombia: Some routes in “The land of coffee” – Part II

Viernes, marzo 19th, 2010


Continue with the second part of this scenic route that is Colombia.


The city of eternal spring as they call it. The town has its traditional Feria de la Flor, in early August, lasts about ten days and is the ideal time to visit because it is covered with colors. The village is his crowded restaurant area. Triangle Café: consists of the departments of Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda, the region was consolidated as from the immediate appeal of traditional farms in high-end accommodations. From 900 to 2150 meters over sea level in urban areas, in three capital cities (Manizales, Armenia and Pereira) visitors are distributed fairly evenly. There are also many sites twenty-seven islands ideal for diving. (más…)

Brazil in search of sun and sand

Miércoles, marzo 17th, 2010

Quatro Jangadas por Serlunar.

In reality there are many places in Brazil to enjoy sun and sand, of course I mean the beaches, which are spread along its Atlantic coast. Of which we mention below the most visited by tourists:

Salvador de Bahia:

The beaches are the inevitable appeal of the Brazilian Northeast, where the sun shines all year round and holds a paradisiacal sea diversity. Moreover, this region contains some of the oldest and most famous cities of Brazil: Salvador, founded by Portuguese colonizers in 1549, Olinda, where Maurice of Nassau left the stamp of culture Netherlands, Fortress, with its traditional “rafts” cutting sea, São Luís, and its historic architecture Lusitanian tiles, and Natal, a key point of the raids carried out by the colonizers. Through these cities has been weaving a tumultuous tour of beaches and stories, rising, step by step, from the magic of Bahia to the expected peace of Rio Grande do Norte. (más…)

The Train in the overcast of Salta (Argentina)

Jueves, marzo 11th, 2010

Postcard of Salta in 1999 por wallygrom.

The Train to the Clouds, the third in height in Latin America and the fourth worldwide, through soaring mountains of the Andes between spectacular scenery.

The tour:

Part of the city of Salta, is to 1187 meters above sea level, and ends at the viaduct’s Polvorilla in Puna, and the largest portion expected, because this is where the train seems to climb to heaven. The characteristics of this viaduct are remarkable: it measures 224 meters long and 70 tall, weighs no less than 1600 tons, is curved and without handrails. (más…)

Downtown Lima shines again

Jueves, marzo 4th, 2010

Lima (Perú) - Plaza San Martín by Iván Utz.

After years of neglect, the Peruvian capital has regained much of its old town and began to attract tourists. Pollution can be stifling, humid haze of the Pacific is called drizzle in the air, but this old gem, Lima, the city that for years have avoided international travelers, has managed to recover in recent years, all in large part the colonial splendor of the old town. (más…)

Uritorco: Between nature and the mystery in Cordoba

Miércoles, marzo 3rd, 2010

escale el cerro uritorco la montaña mas grande de cordoba by alan.martire.

A short walk from the town of Capilla del Monte in Cordoba, is one of the most controversial national natural scenery and impressive. Place of adventure tourists and nature lovers to this part of the world.

The Uritorco is torn between those who visit for its beauty and those who do His reputation for saying powerhouse attract UFOs.

At about 1970 meters above the sea meets the famous Uritorco, the highest peak of close Chicas de Cordoba in the Punilla Valley. The Valley’s resort town of Capilla del Monte where tourists do base before leaving the Hill, where the adventurers are preparing all their luggage, tools, compasses, food and everything they need on the trip.  (más…)

Destinations in Patagonia

Martes, febrero 23rd, 2010

No doubt, when it comes to learning about nature in Argentina, we speak of rural tourism, including areas that glaciers of Argentina, and why has the main places to visit Patagonia, which are:

Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world in Tierra del Fuego, southernmost typical fate of the country, attracts visitors with very important tourist attractions with sightseeing, dining and the feeling of being literally at the end of the world. North of the island, the city of Rio Grande is attractive for his old neighborhood of wooden houses painted or subtly varied and excellent trout fishing. Further south is the famous railway from Ushuaia and arrives near the Tierra del Fuego National Park near the Bay Lapataia. It also offer cruises on the Beagle Channel, watching sea lion colonies and a visit to the Lighthouse Eclareurs Les, the beautiful Lake Fagnano (or Kami) or almost inaccessible in Staten Island where the “Faro del Fin del Mundo”. (más…)

Main Tourist Destinations in Argentina

Domingo, febrero 21st, 2010

Iguazu Falls - Devil's Throat por Chris Mullins.

Argentina located in southern South America is one of the country’s most visited by thousands of tourists who visit each year, and very in part by the diverse topography that shows on its territory, both for tourism in the city and the tourism in the countryside. To which we let the following summary of the main tourist destinations in Argentina:

Buenos Aires, once considered the “Paris of the Southern Hemisphere” by many travelers, offers a cultural activity. Travelers usually choose a nocturnal visit to the premises where you dance tango, and a walk to a typical stay (in the province of Buenos Aires), to taste the traditional roast. In recent years, there emerged new themed tours, including many dedicated to personalities such as Carlos Gardel, Eva Perón or Jorge Luis Borges. It also has many shopping trips (shopping), among which we highlight the Alto Palermo, Paseo Alcorta, Patio Bullrich, Abasto de Buenos Aires and Galerías Pacífico. (más…)

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