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Iguazu Falls - Devil's Throat por Chris Mullins.

Argentina located in southern South America is one of the country’s most visited by thousands of tourists who visit each year, and very in part by the diverse topography that shows on its territory, both for tourism in the city and the tourism in the countryside. To which we let the following summary of the main tourist destinations in Argentina:

Buenos Aires, once considered the “Paris of the Southern Hemisphere” by many travelers, offers a cultural activity. Travelers usually choose a nocturnal visit to the premises where you dance tango, and a walk to a typical stay (in the province of Buenos Aires), to taste the traditional roast. In recent years, there emerged new themed tours, including many dedicated to personalities such as Carlos Gardel, Eva Perón or Jorge Luis Borges. It also has many shopping trips (shopping), among which we highlight the Alto Palermo, Paseo Alcorta, Patio Bullrich, Abasto de Buenos Aires and Galerías Pacífico.

El Tren de las Nubes, unique train ride through the area of the Puna, a high plateau almost deserted, with huge contrasts in its path, which climbs the slopes of the Andes, located in the province of Salta. Currently, the final destination is the city of San Antonio de los Cobres.

Iguazu Falls, located to the northeast area of subtropical forest, the waterfalls are best known throughout the region and its exploitation has good tourist infrastructure development, and tours widely. It is National Park area, which preserve the original flora and fauna. His most impressive jump is called Garganta del Diablo. Other important are called Two Sisters, Alvar Nunez Bossetti or in honor of its discoverer, Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca.

Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world in Tierra del Fuego, southernmost typical fate of the country, attracts visitors with very important tourist attractions with sightseeing, dining and the feeling of being literally at the end of the world. North of the island, the city of Rio Grande is attractive for his old neighborhood of wooden houses painted or subtly varied and excellent trout fishing. Further south is the famous railway from Ushuaia and arrives near the Tierra del Fuego National Park near the Bay Lapataia. It also offer cruises on the Beagle Channel, watching sea lion colonies and a visit to the Lighthouse Eclareurs Les, the beautiful Lago Fagnano (or Kami) or almost inaccessible in Staten Island where the Faro del Fin del Mundo.

Tren del fin del mundo   Ushuaia Argentina por ryyta.

Perito Moreno Glacier, a huge river of ice that bisects the lake Argentino and the blocks cyclically until there is breaking the ice cap. It is located near El Calafate, a small Patagonian town. At any time of year are continuing detachments of huge blocks of ice, which is a natural spectacle.

Perito Moreno por DIEGO Fotos!.

Sierras of Cordoba, pleasant climate and landscapes that range from the bucolic and wild, there are major resorts: Villa General Belgrano and La Cumbrecita, resort towns with great influence in the Central Sierras de Córdoba. Other major cities are Carlos Paz, Cosquin, La Falda, Mina Clavero or the great lake Mar Chiquita. The city of Cordoba also has a great tourist attraction, especially in the valuable building of the colonial period or in its urban landscapes. It also provides a very good tourist infrastructure with major 5 star hotels, high-level mall, as well as in the field of gastronomy and entertainment. The city of Cordoba is one of the most picturesque of Argentina as it presents a historical center with colonial architecture mixed with modern skyscrapers that give the city a great tourist attraction.

Mar del Plata, a tourist resort with great beaches on the Atlantic. It is the most important beach resort in Argentina, and offers a coastline of over 17 kilometers with beaches and services according to their hierarchy. Access the most complete guide to accommodation in Mar del Plata hotels, apartments, lodges and more. Mar del Plata offers visitors an excellent business proposition through its shopping malls, shopping centers, cafes, nightclubs, casinos, and the most complete hotel and gastronomy services according to your preferences and budget. Finally we will say that Argentina has a large number of beaches on its Atlantic coast and the thousands of vacationers congregate to enjoy the beach and water sports.

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