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Travel to the “white village” of Arequipa

Jueves, abril 8th, 2010

Travel to the

The trips to the city of Arequipa are more than interesting. It is a unique experience of geography, flora and fauna. Where you can begin to see one of its main attractions is the Valle del Colca. Where El Mirador de la Cruz del Condor in Colca Canyon is one of the points where the crack is best viewed Colca Canyon, over 3 thousand meters opens in the Peruvian land. (más…)

Travel to Uruguay: Montevideo Know about

Miércoles, abril 7th, 2010

Plaza Independencia by carlos_ar2000.

Montevideo is one of the travel destinations in this part of the continent of South America. In which thousands and thousands of tourists return every year to visit the city. The best way to know the city of Montevideo is walking. As widespread ideally divided into zones or know cycling. If this is your first time and not many days, starting with the Old Town and follow the Avenue July 18 until Parque Batlle (but probably will take two days to make this journey on foot). In Old Town do not miss the Mercado del Puerto whose traditional style, with wrought-iron structure, reminiscent of old European train stations (and if you can eat a rich barbecue). (más…)

Bustamante Bay in Chubut

Martes, abril 6th, 2010

Bustamante Bay

Bustamante Bay is a town that lives for half a century of production of algae and, more recently, tourism. Situated 180 kilometers north of Comodoro Rivadavia, in the great arc which forms the Golfo de San Jorge, recently declared National Park. Guided by a lesser-known regions of Patagonia, inhabited by various species of birds and marine wildlife.

Of the many faces of Patagonia, there is far removed from any urban center and mass tourism. It Bahía Bustamante, a quiet village of 50 inhabitants on the coast of Chubut, where at night the electricity went electric generator and everything, is thrown into utter silence. There, the summer mornings are crystal clear and radiant, ideal for sailing due to the sites where you can see the abundant marine life of the site includes, for example 60,000 Magellanic penguins and sea lions 3500, to name only the most common species. (más…)

Tourism in the Espíritu Santo to Brazil

Viernes, abril 2nd, 2010

Espíritu Santo , is one of the most visited by tourists from around the world, its geographic diversity with the settings of its beaches, the interior with its historical samples, cuisine and everything else… makes it so special!

Activities at Espíritu Santo (más…)

Manaus in Brazil: The free zone in the jungle

Viernes, marzo 26th, 2010

The free zone in the jungle

Viewed from above, Manaus is a wasteland of concrete lost in the immensity of the jungle, surrounded by meandering rivers, separate, and rejoin their way through the ancient trees that do not surrender to the advancing front man. View from below, not much different. The forest is felt to second off the plane: the clothing adheres instantly to the body, the hands begin to sweat and the heat stifling. But to acclimatize, say the locals. And indeed, 24 hours after one feels that he has always lived with 90 percent humidity in the air. Then you can walk a city in which live the European splendor of the late eighteenth century and the industries that came by the hundreds from all over the world, from which he declared the state capital of Amazonas “free zone taxes “during the 60s. (más…)

Island States: The Lighthouse at the End of the World

Jueves, marzo 25th, 2010

La luz del "Fin del Mundo" / The Lighthouse at the End of the World by .:Adry:..

The Staten Island is located in the South Atlantic east of the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego. Department belongs to Ushuaia in Argentina’s Province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands, the peninsula being separated by 24 km Miter Strait of Le Maire.
As has been declared a Provincial Reserve Ecological, historical and tourist access is restricted to certain quotas tour leave from Ushuaia, who must stay overnight in the boat.

Flora and Fauna:

The vegetation consists of forests of cherry trees (Nothofagus betuloides) and cinnamon (Drimys winteri), thorny shrubs (such as El Calafate (Berberis buxifolia) and understory of ferns, lichens and mosses. (más…)

Peru: Andean wild Charm

Sábado, marzo 20th, 2010

Colca Valley by mimi in seattle.

Travel through the jungle and Andean highlands in Peru, to bring thousands of tourists every year, and the journeys are across the country. These include … 

Colca Valley:

Reaching a height refuge, surrendering to the Colca Valley and see the forest from a cruise ship pass, three adventures deluxe version.

Starting from the capital should take the detour to Lunahuana on Cañete. To everything there is paved road in perfect condition. But after the rush begins Lunahuaná. The road is uphill and is not recommended be undertaken if there is not a 4×4. Along the way, 4 hours, tricks against the height should be immediately removed from the glove, because our fate awaits us Almost 3,200 meters above sea level. (más…)

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