Destinations in Patagonia

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No doubt, when it comes to learning about nature in Argentina, we speak of rural tourism, including areas that glaciers of Argentina, and why has the main places to visit Patagonia, which are:

Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world in Tierra del Fuego, southernmost typical fate of the country, attracts visitors with very important tourist attractions with sightseeing, dining and the feeling of being literally at the end of the world. North of the island, the city of Rio Grande is attractive for his old neighborhood of wooden houses painted or subtly varied and excellent trout fishing. Further south is the famous railway from Ushuaia and arrives near the Tierra del Fuego National Park near the Bay Lapataia. It also offer cruises on the Beagle Channel, watching sea lion colonies and a visit to the Lighthouse Eclareurs Les, the beautiful Lake Fagnano (or Kami) or almost inaccessible in Staten Island where the “Faro del Fin del Mundo”.

Perito Moreno Glacier, a huge river of ice that bisects the lake Argentino and the blocks cyclically until there is breaking the ice cap. It is located near El Calafate, a small Patagonian town. At any time of year are continuing detachments of huge blocks of ice, which is a natural spectacle.

catamarans in front of Perito Moreno Glacier por Phil Marion.

Peninsula Valdes – Puerto Madryn: In 1999, UNESCO included the Peninsula Valdes in his list of places Natural Heritage of Humanity. In coastal marine life is abundant and varied. By provincial law, has created the Valdés Peninsula Protected Natural Area, which includes their space land, air and a band of three nautical miles around. This peninsula is one of the most important tourist destinations of Argentina and held annually by thousands of visitors from home and abroad. With protection policies implemented, the right whale population is slowly recovering. Each winter the whales can be sighted during their mating season and birth. Whale watching has become one of the major tourist activities in the country. It is common to see this whale adult female being courted by several males seeking to mate. She’ll choose who to do it.

Destinations in Patagonia

The Grotto Spa is a luxury spa resort located within the municipality of San Antonio Oeste, in the Province of Black River (Argentina). The Caves is the largest and most famous Patagonian beaches. You could say that the only reason for the existence of the spa industry is tourism, although some years the place has a stable population, which is multiplied several times over the summer. For example, in the season 2005 / 2006, the city welcomed approximately 212,000 visitors, a record for this beach.

Patagonia Glaciers por docsplatter.

Bon voyage of Patagonia!

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