Colombia: Some routes in “The land of coffee” – Part II

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Continue with the second part of this scenic route that is Colombia.


The city of eternal spring as they call it. The town has its traditional Feria de la Flor, in early August, lasts about ten days and is the ideal time to visit because it is covered with colors. The village is his crowded restaurant area. Triangle Café: consists of the departments of Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda, the region was consolidated as from the immediate appeal of traditional farms in high-end accommodations. From 900 to 2150 meters over sea level in urban areas, in three capital cities (Manizales, Armenia and Pereira) visitors are distributed fairly evenly. There are also many sites twenty-seven islands ideal for diving.

Islas of Rosario:

Rosario Islands are an archipelago of 27 islands which was declared, with its rich coral as a national natural park. Here is one of the most important coral reefs of the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

White sandy beaches and blue skies and clean island characterize this area of Cartagena. Another world, no doubt. Here it is possible to enjoy fully disconnected from the silence of coconut palms and the incomparable beauty of warm-water seas that show their natural treasures without much effort.

Diving enthusiasts rush to go quietly underwater territory of these islands, according to insiders, have some 50 species of coral, about 200, in each case, molluscs, fishes and coelenterates, and over 400 foraminifera, among other species that populate a complex habitat of more than 120,000 hectares of seabed, swamps, bogs and marshes in the prairies that are fabulous and crannies of the sea. A delight for divers.

Daily from the pier at La Bodeguita sail boats that offer tourist packages that include transportation, food and stay in hotels built on the shores of beaches. Travelers are offered typical regional lunch: bowl of coconut rice, fried fish, fried plantains (ripe banana slices) and salad.

In one of the islands, St. Martin de Pajarales, is the “oceonario”, built by a wealthy supporter of this area, and where visitors can interact with marine species like dolphins. In fact, here the first dolphin born in captivity. Here you can see wonderful species such as sharks, giant turtles, rays and groupers.

The Big Island is the largest dimension of the Rosary, there is a hotel to enjoy the day and night. It is equipped with several facilities to care for children, swimming pool, if you want to change the landscape of the beach, and rooms with air conditioning. There are other hotels on other islands, with cabins for six or eight people. That yes, only environments imbued with nature.

Islita por hjoschmidt.

Puerto de Taganga:

It is a city of colonial past and present fun, friendly, where they can walk safely. To reach the center from area hotels, you have to cross a hill. Does your historic restoration, but a walk in the center is equally attractive. Also a boardwalk.

Among the sites is near the Quinta de San Pedro Alexandria, where he spent his last days Simón Bolívar. It stayed a museum dedicated to the Liberator of Colombia.

Perhaps the most charming place in the area, this ten minutes from the city, Taganga. Fishing village, is also the place with more options for diving by the proximity of reefs and species in the area, such as angel fish, trumpet fish and skate. It’s perfect for an afternoon or all day, lunch, red snapper, bonito, tuna, which in a few minutes from the sea is at the table, accompanied by rice with coconut.

Fishing is handmade, with dinghy in many cases, even with harpoons. All fishing families, or most, and near sunset offer the preferred entertainment for visitors who come to the boats that come in, unload and share in a market that is improvised weapon every day.

Puerto - Taganga, Santa Martha, COLOMBIA por WMO.

Tayrona Park:

Before entering the park must speak of the Sierra Nevada mountain chain with the world’s highest peak near a coast, with 5775 meters high, just 42 miles from the sea. The slopes falling into the sea are part of the Tayrona National Park, forming a peculiar system of coves and rocky cliffs, compared here with rare species of flora and fauna, coral and a huge stretch. The paths between lush forests for short walks or more hours that are uniting the different beaches, some quite attractive.

Colombia: Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona por zug55. 

Colombia: Some routes in “The land of coffee”

Enjoy your trip to Colombia!

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