Uritorco: Between nature and the mystery in Cordoba

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escale el cerro uritorco la montaña mas grande de cordoba by alan.martire.

A short walk from the town of Capilla del Monte in Cordoba, is one of the most controversial national natural scenery and impressive. Place of adventure tourists and nature lovers to this part of the world.

The Uritorco is torn between those who visit for its beauty and those who do His reputation for saying powerhouse attract UFOs.

At about 1970 meters above the sea meets the famous Uritorco, the highest peak of close Chicas de Cordoba in the Punilla Valley. The Valley’s resort town of Capilla del Monte where tourists do base before leaving the Hill, where the adventurers are preparing all their luggage, tools, compasses, food and everything they need on the trip. 

Every year, hundreds of tourists and explorers from around the world visit the Uritorco for a different experience and energy load, as many believe that the Hill is one of the major energy centers in the world. In 1986, strange events began to happen at the summit of Cerro as lights moving, energy fields and the popular belief in UFOs and the presence of an underground city. From that year Uritorco filled with legends, beliefs and visitors esoteric and metaphysical purposes.

It is believed that there is an underground city (Erks), which carries the fatal entrance to another dimension and the peaks of other cosmic energies hills remain there, telluric and human indicating the area of regeneration of mankind. Beyond the metaphysical beliefs, the Hill is a great place to enjoy the view during the ascent and changing flora.

Dique El Cajón - Capilla del Monte by Koluso.

The climb begins at the La Toma, who is set on a wood indigenous to the site. After crossing a bridge that hangs over the river Calabalunga takes you to the private management of place, where you must pay 20 pesos to enter the Hill. The road has a large number of signs, made with white paint and often arrow-shaped, making it impossible for anyone to miss. It recommends raising accompanied by a guide because, although the climb is not difficult, can tell interesting stories about the place, its influence in the tribe comechingón and magic that surrounds it.

The climb is done only between 8 am and 12 noon, as it takes about 4 hours to drive the 6 miles to the summit and another 3 hours to download.

The initial section presents a steep and tiring for those who are not friends of physical activity, but is covered by logging, acacia and quebracho.

During the ascent you can admire the city of Capilla del Monte and El Cajon Dam, and as it progresses is also the Rock of Uritorco (typical rural places in the area).

As we ascend, the last part of the journey, the vegetation changes due to the altitude and the trail skirts the hill from the back, where you can distinguish colors and stones of strange shapes.

Between nature and the mystery in Cordoba

Uritorco On top of everything you can see both up there are three crosses forming a triangle and there is Route 38, the city of Capilla del Monte, El Cajon Dam and Reservoir Cross Axis.

Good luck in Argentina!

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