Sydney Aquarium

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Sydney is a city that lives and mingles with the sea, it has allowed him to have one of the largest aquariums in Australia and in the world. By leveraging its coastline has been the most beautiful areas of the city are there, making it one of the major tourist destinations: «La Joya Austral Pacific.»

Sydney Aquarium and Wildlife World

Photography by Joe Brockmeier

Sydney Aquarium (Sydney Aquarium) has more than eleven thousand species of marine animals. Located in the port area of Darling Harbour (one of the best seaside resorts in the world), near the National Maritime Museum and the Chinese Garden of Friendship, among others, is divided into four zones:

Open Ocean:

Here you can see wild sharks and turtles, are also the Platypus, the typical marine animal of Australia. It is like many areas in the aquarium with a tank with underground passages.

Sydney Aquarium

Photography by Peter Shanks

The Great Barrier Reef:

It’s really amazing to walk through tunnels transparent from where you can see a variety of animals: white sharks and rays (their size is most impressive), especially, can see the wildlife of Queensland and Australia with its splendid coral colors, along with a variety of fish and shellfish.

Murray Darling river system:

The largest river system in Australia and one of the largest worldwide, also has space in the Sydney Aquarium. You can see the thousands and interesting fish in the rivers and lakes of Australia.

Australia Ferry

Photography by Peter Shanks

The seal sanctuary:

The difference with the other zones is left outdoors. It’s where you take care of seals that have been injured and can not return to the sea, so the seals do not exhibit, but to see with caregivers while they are fed is a pleasure few.

Enjoying Family:

In Sydney Aquarium you can enjoy shows with trained animals, within which Orcas are the first to capture the attention of adults and children. It also stands the chance to see saltwater crocodiles, jellyfish, giant sharks, and of course, koalas, though, I must say, the entire aquarium is «one pass».

A block with temporary exhibitions throughout the year and for the more adventurous there is the option of diving with sharks, along with caregivers, of course. It is also highly recommended by the Glass Bottom Boat, Shark Feed: at 11:00 a.m. (every day) the boat trip includes the opportunity to feed the sharks.

It has disabled access and nursery rooms, their hours are 9.00 to 22.00 and priced at around $ 20.4 (dollars), but you can «opt out» an entire series of «plans» of E-groups combos …

Within the premises of Aquarius is possible to find the waterfront cafe, gift shop with memories of the Sydney Aquarium, Coral Cove, right in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef exhibit, where a variety of products and souvenirs native Australia : fossils, artworks, indigenous crafts …

The Aquarium is located in Darling Harbour where either day or night, whenever there is life. Surely there is something to delight: Attractions, more than 100 restaurants and cafes and a diverse calendar of free outdoor events throughout the year.

Its fun and sociable atmosphere makes it a perfect place to enjoy one night of fun to walk with the family. This close to the city: a five-minute walk, or by ferry or water taxi or monorail, or Metro Light Rail, without any doubt an excellent transport service and an experience for tourists.

Bon Voyage!

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